Polar Day

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Polar Day was a great success! All the children were totally engrossed in a variety of activities covering art, design technology, science.

In Woodpecker’s we started the beautiful Aurora Borealis weaving, which is on the playground. The children thoughtfully chose their coloured strips cut from plastic bags and carefully wove them through the trellis. Later on, they also individually created their own Aurora Borealis picture using black picture and chalk. They are all very effective and look just like Borealis sweeping across the night sky.

We also had great fun building an igloo using empty milk carton containers. We built the first four levels and then Ladybirds and Owls completed the other layers.

In the afternoon I sent the children out to find coloured “wiggly worms”, made from wool. We found that it was easiest to find the white and black worms but very difficult to find the camouflaged pink and brown ones.

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