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On the second week of term, year 6 went to Osmington bay near Weymouth and took part in many activities including: abseiling, climbing, giant swing, quad biking and street surfing.

When they arrived in Osmington Bay, year 6 dropped their bags at the accommodation, looked at their rooms and found out who their room mates were. After that, they got a tour around the campus then the year 6’s went to a play court to play different games. Soon after that the children and adults went to eat Dinner (Tea). The rest of the week was fun here’s a quote from me (Ethan) “One-night Max was singing- and the teachers came during this for room inspections and heard him. They found it so funny. They left the room so that Max didn’t know about them coming in then room inspections carried on as usual.”

Thanks to Max his team (Max, Ethan, Codie, Andre) won the boys room completion. Elicia, Marta, Ameilia and Lily, won the girls competition.

In summary, the year 6s had a breath-taking five-day week in Osmington Bay as they have accomplished and achieved various activities and life skills they never learned before. Many of us made friends with people from other schools, participated in challenging tasks and have been encouraged to try one in a life time opportunities that were hard to come by.

Many people –including me, myself- have many favourite tasks that they’ve handled throughout the five day period. First of many, Luke, says he enjoyed many activities like Jacob’s Ladder, Zipwire and Giant Swing. Other popular options throughout the vast majority of year 6s was fencing, Street Surfing, archery, trapeze, Aeroball and orienteering.

This year the year 6s have had a time of their life, and we couldn’t do it without the teachers and helpers: Mrs Taft, Mrs Barker, Mrs Bailey, Miss Carter and Mrs Sankey.

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