Year 3 Trip to the Gilbert White Field Study Centre

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We were extremely lucky with the weather for our class trip, it was the only day in the whole week that it wasn’t pouring with rain!  The Year 2s and Year 3s had different workshops for the day linked to the current topics.  After an introductory talk, the Year 3s donned their wellies and headed off towards the river.  There they had an opportunity to get in the river and work as a team to measure the speed of the water, using a plastic duck, and measure the depth of the river bank/bed to collate data to enable us to draw a cross-section of the river.  The final activity at the river was collecting creatures from the river and classifying them, using a classification tree.  We discovered a lot of freshwater shrimps in particular.  Now although it wasn’t actually raining on the day it had, of course, been raining heavily for weeks and we’d observed evidence of this from the coach, seeing flooded fields all around.  This meant that the river level was higher than usual and although it was below the level of their wellies, once they were walking upstream it did tend to slosh inside!  I think I emptied out a few pints of river water from the children’s wellies that morning!  In the afternoon we went up the zigzag path to get a view of the whole area, seeing where the river meandered off to, before meeting the talking trees.  Our final activity was creating, using natural resources around us, a river system and describing it to the class.  The children definitely showed off their understanding of the different features of a river, including tributaries, meanders and oxbow lakes.  All in all, despite a few blisters and wet feet, a great day was had by all!

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