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I hope you’re doing well. It’s half term, I know it doesn’t feel like it but you should take some time to unwind this week. Your parents might still be working so it’s important to keep if they need you to. (I sound like Boris now, relax, but don’t relax, work but don’t do work!).
I have been busy this week teaching key worker children at school and getting ready for after half term. This week we did some quite tricky maths questions, an introduction to algebra! See if you can do the example below! We also made journey sticks, one being beautifully modelled below! It was nice to see some familiar faces, you’ll see in the pictures below who I found (featuring new addition, Bobby! A gift from Tyler!).
As always I have loved seeing what work you have been up to! Kamil, Isla and Blake have some great examples that I’ve attached for you. Keep sending them in (adminoffice@harestock.hants.sch.uk). You should have access to some more words on spellodrome (thanks for reminding me Tyler!).
Stay Safe!
Lots of Love
Miss B x

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