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Another week of glorious sunshine – hope you’ve been able to spend time outdoors. Max recorded himself reading Harry Potter and emailed me the recording so I was able to listen to the chapter whilst going for a 30 minute walk in the sunshine. Thank you Max.

I was in school on Friday to look after key worker children. Here is how our day went:
We completed an emoji book title quiz (it should be on the Dolphin blog which you could have a go at!).
We spent 30 minutes on mathletics/spellodrome/phonics play (depending on year group)
We created a story/poem using the theme of castles.
We spent an hour completing a section from our home learning grids.
And in the afternoon, we completed a four triangles investigation. You have to make a square and cut the square diagonally to make four equal triangles. Then you have to make new shapes by re-joining the triangles. We created 10 different shapes. Can you make any more?

Enjoy half term and take care
Miss Carter


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