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Wow it’s almost the end of term, I can’t believe it!  I’m really looking forward to seeing you all next week, on either Monday or Tuesday.  If you don’t know which day it is that you are coming in then ask your mum or dad and they’ll tell you.

Once again it was lovely to see so many of you on Wednesday at our Zoom meeting.  You’ve certainly been very busy doing lots of reading at home as well as other work, great job everyone.  It’ll be great to find out what things you’ve done when you come back into school.

In school this week in my bubble we’ve been finding out more about kings and queens, in particular King Alfred the Great.  We’ve even made our own clay models, looking at photos of the statue in the town centre for inspiration.

Let’s see how have you done on Spellodrome this week.  The merits go to>>>

Year 2 – Eliana again with 9140 points, AMAZING!

Year 3 – Taylor again with 7585 points, AMAZING TOO!

Great work everyone and I’ll see you next week, keep safe until then,

Mrs Butler

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