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We are very proud to announce that we won the Easter Egg competition run by the Brooks Centre. Here are some of the children who helped decorate the egg with our prizes. The two lovely bouquets have been donated to FOS to raffle at the Musical Soiree.

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Fun in the Sun!

We have been enjoying the sun. Here are some pictures of us sketching nature and working together in some fun team tasks!


No SPAG pages this week so ensure you are up to date on all that has been set so far.

Unfortunately, some children have not been keeping up to date with their Mathletics homework so some paper copies have been sent home and will be due this Friday.

Ensure you are reading at home every day – this is really important for fluency and comprehension.

Victorian Day

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This week we went back in time and made our classes part of a Victorian School.  We had classes in Maths, reading, copybook and drill.  The boys took part in gardening and woodwork and the girls took part in needlework and life drawing. Playtime was a chance to play marbles for the boys and skipping for the girls. Our teachers were all very strict and even had a cane! We had to sit up straight all day and not talk unless spoken to.

Easter Blog

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I’m sorry it’s been so long!

Wow another term is nearly over! We have had a fantastic start to our topic, looking at childhood from present times, 1990’s and the 1960’s. For many of us, the 1990’s doesn’t feel like history, but I know the children have enjoyed finding out about music and games from these eras.

This week we had our launch of Victorian life for children. We looked at different games, jobs and songs children would’ve experienced in the 1890’s.

The children have really been enjoying their circuit training in the hall as well as PE with Marc Gillingham. Their team work and support of one another has really shown.

Have a restful Easter and we look forward to seeing you when we continue looking at Victorian life for children. We wonder which era the children would have liked to have lived in?

Easter update

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Ladybirds have been very busy with Owls and Woodpeckers.  We launched our Topic ‘When Was Childhood Most Fun?’ The children have enjoyed learning about and comparing toys from the 1990s, 1960s and the 1890s, also, learning to dance the Twist from the 1960’s and the Macarena from the 1990’s. Through this topic we introduced a continuum line, giving the children a visual representation to show what 100 years apart looks like. They were able to discuss and make their own decisions on which era of toys they would prefer to play with and reasons why. We will continue looking at the 1890’s (Victorian children) after the Easter break, ending our topic with the Victorian school day which we are all looking forward to.

During our PE sessions we have been very lucky to receive coaching from Mark Gillingham, teaching the children the basic skills of golf through many fun games. We have a few budding golfers amongst us!

For maths we have been working in small groups collaborating to investigate measure through capacity and volume.

In English we have been learning about poetry, looking at rhyme and moving onto learning about a kenning poem. Ladybirds have worked so hard and individually have created some great  kennings.

Ask your children to recite their kenning to you.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter break.


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In science we have been learning about gravity and doing experiments with balls finding out which one would fall took us a very long time to find out which was the first one to fall. When we had a scrunched up ball of paper, a flat bit of paper with holes in and a plain piece of paper. It was ever so fun, in our books we had to do a lot of work but it was worth it. Last time we did science about the earth sun and moon it was good fun we all had to do a take home task it was really fun, i did a model and a fact file most people did a model, some people in the class did a PowerPoint, a fact file or a flip chart, it was as fun as beans. I think most people really enjoyed it but it was really fun I really want to do it again I doubt I will. Lucy