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Sea City Museum Trip Thursday

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We had a fantastic time at the Sea City Museum.

We began the day with a workshop that involved learning about some of the ship’s crew and passengers aboard the Titanic; discovering what the artefacts were used for; using our sense of smell we had to decide which area of the ship we would find different smells. For example coal in the Boiler room and food in the restaurant. We did an experiment to test how many sections full of water it would take to sink the Titanic.

Following the workshop we began our activities by trying on some of the outfits that might have been worn by different class passengers and crew; this was fun.

Next, we had to find out about supplies for the Titanic and how many of each different thing was needed aboard for the passengers and crew.

Then, it was time for lunch.

After lunch, we had a go at steering the ship. This was very tricky; some of us grounded the ship! We also looked at a 2nd class cabin, the Boiler room, where we all helped to stoke the fire to keep the ships engine running and the Marconi room where we tried out Morse Code. To finish we listened to interviews from the survivors of the Titanic and went into the Courtroom to listen to evidence about why the Titanic sank.

We have all learned such a lot. Please ask your child more about their exciting and very informative day.


Health Week

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On Monday we were very lucky to be visited by Mrs Wilson, who is a Social Worker. She talked to us about PANTS and keeping ourselves safe. We watched a video about a friendly dinosaur named Pantosauras and learned a song about the underwear rule. To find out more about PANTS you can access the NSPCC website for Pantosauras.

On Tuesday Mrs Meharg who is a Nurse came in to talk to us about keeping healthy and safe. We were shown how to take a temperature and apply a bandage. There are some budding Nurses amongst us!

Wednesday began with a Yoga session, ‘Relax Kids’ with Jules Calvert. The children enjoyed taking part in activities to raise their heart beat and then learn how to control their breathing to relax.

Friday ended the week being active with Winchester Sports who taught us a little bit of golf and how to use a putter and get the ball close to a target. We also learned about healthy and non-healthy sugars and fats in our diet.

We have enjoyed learning more about keeping ourselves healthy and safe.

Please take a look at the photos and ask your child more about the activities.

Christmas Celebrations

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The final countdown! What an amazing week it’s been. We started off with lots of practice down the church for our fabulous Christmas concert and which was finished perfectly with three performances on Wednesday with a special guest appearance from Mr B-W.

The year was finished off with our fabulous Christmas party filled with crafting, the biggest pass-the-parcel ever, a feast fit for kings and a chilled out afternoon with a DVD!

Merry Christmas Panda Class! Have a relaxing break and see you in the New Year!

A Busy Half Term

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This has been a very busy and enjoyable half term.  The children did an amazing job singing for the Nativity ‘Sleepy Shepherd’

During our topic ‘How on Earth Did We Get There?’ we had fun in DT learning about axles and making a car. For our IT we learned how to programme a BeeBot with a set of instructions.

For maths we have learned how to use a ten frame. Most recently we have been learning about 3D shapes and experimented with them to create models.

Attached are just a few pictures for you to see what Ladybirds have been up to.

I look forward to what the new term will bring, continuing with our Topic ‘Who’s to Blame’ about the Titanic.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

A Special Visitor

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On Tuesday we found sparkly reindeer footprints in the hall!  We found half of Santa’s instructions all ripped and scrunched up.  We thought the reindeer did it.  Breakfast Club found them first and looked around the school for clues!  They even took photos of the adults’ shoes to try to work out whose footprint was on the paper!

We needed to make more instructions for Father Christmas so he can deliver the presents on Christmas Eve.  Have a look at Mia’s instructions, hopefully Christmas can be saved!

By Mrs Butler, Lila and Mia


Christmas Time

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Friday 14 th December- we had our very first practice down at St. Barnabas church (we were all very excited) When we all arrived at the church we took our coats off and were called over, a class at a time to sort out where we were going to stand for the performance . Only 5 more days to go!!

In art, we have been going through different steps to make a print on a polystyrene tile. We had to make a simple design, then copy it on to a piece of tracing paper, after, we used a sharp pencil to press our design on to the polystyrene block.

In our PE lessons we have been playing a game called Huba Luba. The aim of the game is to try and get the other teams Huba Luba without getting caught. If you are caught you have to do a funny walk over to the prison and one of your team players has got to try and get you out without getting caught. In order to be released from prison one of your team players has to tag you and anyone else. To avoid being tagged again you have to do a funny walk back to your side of the pitch.

In our English lessons we have been focussing  on Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb . On Monday we wrote our introduction to our own newspaper report on this event.

Nikisha and Evelyn