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Hello Puffins

Posted by Heather Smith in Puffins

Wow it’s almost the end of term, I can’t believe it!  I’m really looking forward to seeing you all next week, on either Monday or Tuesday.  If you don’t know which day it is that you are coming in then ask your mum or dad and they’ll tell you.

Once again it was lovely to see so many of you on Wednesday at our Zoom meeting.  You’ve certainly been very busy doing lots of reading at home as well as other work, great job everyone.  It’ll be great to find out what things you’ve done when you come back into school.

In school this week in my bubble we’ve been finding out more about kings and queens, in particular King Alfred the Great.  We’ve even made our own clay models, looking at photos of the statue in the town centre for inspiration.

Let’s see how have you done on Spellodrome this week.  The merits go to>>>

Year 2 – Eliana again with 9140 points, AMAZING!

Year 3 – Taylor again with 7585 points, AMAZING TOO!

Great work everyone and I’ll see you next week, keep safe until then,

Mrs Butler

Hi Pufflins

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I’m not sure what normal looks like in school anymore, but this week has definitely not been normal, as I haven’t actually been teaching.  The Year R and 2 bubble have had the pleasure of being taught by Mrs Cowling (our Schools Direct trainee, who is now a qualified teacher) whilst I have been learning all about various online learning platforms.  I have learnt a lot of new skills and the teachers are all looking forward to using PurpleMash, which I know the Year 3s are already using for their home learning.

I really enjoyed doing the Zoom meeting in the classroom with you so that the rest of the children in school could join us.  I think we’ve got one more meeting next Wednesday, so I look forward to seeing lots more of you then.

The merits this week got to….

Year 2 – Eliana again, (I’ve lost count of the number of weeks!) with an incredible 10130 points!

Year 3  – Taylor again, with an amazing 7510 points.

There were some high scores this week, well done, keep it up.

I can’t believe there’s only one full week of school left, but then hopefully I’ll see you all on either the Monday or Tuesday the week after that.

Keep yourselves safe and happy


Mrs Butler

Hello my little pufflins!

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Hope you are all well.  We’ve finished our castles in class this week, have a look. I think they’ve all done a great job, some of them are Owl children as they are in my bubble but I thought you might like to see them too.

It was great to see lots of you again on Zoom on Wednesday.  We’ve now received our order of webcams so are planning on having the children who are in school joining me for the meeting next week to see you all too.  It’d be great to see the whole class ‘together’ again, so I hope you can make it.

Thanks for the emails about your work, keep them coming!  Violet, your volcano definitely erupted brilliantly and was very red, it was worth the wait for the red food colouring to be delivered!

It looks like lots of you are having fun completing the ‘To Do’s on PurpleMash.  I had over 30 pieces of work to look at on Wednesday and I’d only looked only Sunday, so that’s fabulous.  Some of you I have set the work as a ‘Redo’ because I’ve asked you to add more detail or information to the work.  The teachers at school are still learning how everything works on the program so excuse us if things aren’t totally smooth running at the moment, we’ve got a demonstration next week so we should improve J

This week’s merits for Spellodrome got to…

Year 2 Jessica E with 9340 points, fantastic work!

Year 3 Leo with 8360 points, great job!

Hi Puffins

Posted by Heather Smith in Puffins

It was lovely to see so many of you on our zoom catch-up on Wednesday.  If you didn’t manage to join me there will be another chance next week.  You have certainly been busy and there’s been lots of growing and baking going on.

In class we’ve made working drawbridges on our castles.  We’ve also been busy adding staircases and a keep to them, I hope yours are coming along nicely, if you are making one.

Our merits this week go to….

Year 2 – merit goes to Eliana with 8585 points, fantastic!

Year 3 – merit goes to Leo with an amazing 9690 points!


I hope to see lots of you next week.

Mrs Butler

Well another week has whizzed by!

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I’ve been busy phoning and having a chat with most of you over the last couple of weeks and it’s been lovely to speak to you.  There are a few of you that I’ve haven’t managed to get hold of yet but I’ve left messages and will try again very soon.

I’ve enjoyed hearing about the things that you’ve been doing at home, don’t forget you can email things to school for me to have a look at.  Eliana your leaning tower of Pisa model and volcano looked fabulous, the volcano definitely erupted well!  I know Violet is also in the middle of making one and I’m looking forward to seeing hers erupt too.  Rory you looked very confident on your paddleboard, it certainly didn’t look like it was your first time, well done.  Clara made a history quiz, with her brother Max, for Miss Carter and myself and it’s really tricky.  We’re planning on asking the rest of the teachers for help!

The merits this week for the most Spellodrome points go to….

For Year 2 it’s Eliana with 8900 points – fabulous score!

For Year 3 it’s Taylor yet again with 8020 points – another amazing score!

Year 3s I think you need to try a bit harder to beat Taylor as only six of you did any practise last week, out of 16 Year 3s.  The Year 2s are doing much better, 11 out of 14 of you practised last week.

Finally, Dippy and Polly have been busy at my house practising their social distancing.  But, as you can see from the photo, they still need to do a bit more maths work on their measuring.

Keep working hard, keep safe and try not to drive your parents mad!

Mrs Butler