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Hello again Panthers and Dolphins,

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How have you been this week?  Yet again it was lovely to see some of you on our Zoom meetings.  Hopefully, it was a nice surprise for you to see the classroom and some more of your other classmates. This week we have been working really hard on our stories for a four year old.  We are hoping that Mrs Bannister’s son, Archie, will be selecting his favourites by the end of next week. Please enjoy reading the fabulous creations from some of the children who have been in school over the past few weeks.

Funky Monkey by Eloise

One sunny morning, Mummy Monkey was talking to her son, Funky Monkey. “I have an idea, Funky,” she said, “You could be in the parade this year.”

“But why,” he asked, “I can’t swing through the trees like Gregory Gorilla and I have extra arm.

“Well, you just need to practise again and again.”

And so he did. Every minute of every day, you could see him trying. Unfortunately, he kept falling.



When this happened, it made Funky Monkey feel very sad.

Then, one evening, he sat down to eat his dinner and told Mummy Monkey what was happening. “It keeps happening, Mummy. Every time I think I’m doing well, I just keep falling off. And when I do it, it really hurts as I hit the ground. I don’t want to do it ever again. I QUIT!” And with his three arms folded, he stomped off to his bed branch.

“Right,” decided Mummy Monkey,” I will get someone to help Funky with his swinging, and he WILL take part in the parade.” She had many friends to choose from, because she was very friendly with other animals, whether they were big or small.

The next day, she decided on William the wise owl. She packed a bottle which she had filled up from the river.


“Hello, who’s there?” came a voice from inside. Then out came William. He was a barn owl with beautiful, black, beady eyes.

“What would you like help with, Mummy Monkey?” he asked. She explained that Funky needed some help. William nodded and flew off to find him.

“Ah ha, you must be Funky. I’ve heard all about you. Your mother has asked me to help you and teach you the way of the swingers.” Said William.

“All right then, but only if you promise to catch me if I fall” replied the young monkey.

“OK, I promise” William said. Then, the real work started. The wise owl would fly from his tree trunk, across the river, and wake up Funky Monkey every morning, very early to ensure that he would get a good day’s training. They would only stop for drink breaks and lunch. As well as the swinging, Funky did other exercises, like pull-ups on the vines to strengthen his third arms, which he had not really used before. Even tough William’s programme was tough, it was paying off. Every day the young swinger was getting better and better, stronger and stronger.

Just before bed, the next week, Percy the post parrot arrived to deliver a letter. But this was no ordinary letter, oh no, it was a special letter. They knew this because it was tied with a shiny, gold ribbon. “Ohh, look Funky” exclaimed Mummy Monkey, “It’s for you!” He hurriedly opened it.

“Can you read it to me please?”

Dear Funky Monkey,

You have been invited to take part in the parade. President Percival Panther has seen your training and believes that you are worthy enough to be at the front.

We hope you take this opportunity and come to the event on Saturday.


The parade team.


“Oh, yes please!” cried Funky in excitement.

“I shall go and tell William!”

And so, on Saturday, Funky the Monkey led the jungle parade all through the trees.

“Hey, Funky,” said Gregory Gorilla,” You are sooo good. You deserve to be here.”

“Thanks.” he replied.

Funky Monkey lived a happy life, knowing that it is worth the effort when something good happens at the end.

Bunkie and Bonk by Rosie

Bunkie is a young boy who lives on a farm. Every morning, he collects all the eggs from his chickens and all the milk from his cows. Bunkie loves being on the farm because he has lived there all his life.

However, Bunkie has a big problem. He is SUPER DUPER CLUMSY! Bunkie was going to the kitchen when … BONK BONK CRASH! He had tripped on a rock, he fell down the hill, and then he landed in a lake. Bunkie was really sad.

But when it became night time Bunkie was Bunktastic, the world’s youngest superhero. He delivers everyone’s dream pets to them at night. Billy Crash was given a rabbit, Sarah Stomp was given a bird and Jimmy Splat was given a kitten. Bunkie was on his way to give Richard Pop his goat when he realised he had dropped it. MEEP MEEP MEEP! The goat was going DOWN DOWN DOWN until Bunkie saved it. Richard Pop was really happy but Bunkie was not.

He woke the next morning feeling very sad. Even though Bunkie collected all the eggs from his chickens and all the milk from his cows, Bunkie still didn’t feel better. He decided to have a bubble bath.

He put extra bubbles in but as he got in he slipped on the bubbles and went crashing to the ground. He couldn’t do anything right. Bunkie thought nobody wanted him to be a superhero because he was SO CLUMSY. Bunkie was ready to give up.

Later that night, Bunkie lay on his bed wide awake thinking of all the children he wasn’t going to help. It made him really sad. His head was filled with sad teary faces really wanting their dream pets.

Bunkie knew that he needed to give the world their dream pets but how? He couldn’t do it alone. He started to wonder who would help him. His friends on the farm don’t know he is a superhero, so it wasn’t going to be any of them. Bunkie asked his chickens and cows but none of them were interested. He was beginning to lose hope. Bunkie went to check on the pigs when he saw some piglets! They were all adorable apart from one of them.

It had big black spots all over it and bright green eyes. The piglet was rolling around, by itself, in the mud. All the other piglets had been sold but no one wanted the black spotty. Bunkie picked it up and fell in love with it. This was his dream pet. Bunkie called it Bonk and a lifelong friendship was made.

Barney Bear’s Big Adventure by Matthew

Once upon time there was a bear called Barney. Barney was tall, fluffy and loved hugs. He was also friendly, loving and kind.

On day when Barney bear was playing in the field he heard the other animals playing at the park. Barney bear really wanted to make friends. So he hopped on his scooter.

The scooter cried out in protest and then it broke. “OH dear maybe a hug will make it feel better,” so Barney bear gave the scooter a big hug but the scooter did not fix. “OH well I’ll just walk.”

When Barney bear got to the park his face lit up Barney loved the park: lush green grass, seesaws and slides.

Barney bear saw fanny fox sitting in the corner crying. “OH dear maybe a big hug will make her feel better,” so Barney bear ran up to give her a big fluffy hug.

But fanny fox was scared of Barney bear and ran of crying even more.

Barney bear was confused so he tried to make friends with the other animals but the same thing happened.

So he tried at another park.

And another

And another

And another.

But they all ran away scared. Barney bear was sad, down hearted and finally gave up. “Why does nobody like me,” he said to himself.

Barney was on his way home walking very slowly, very sadly. He walked by a park where he saw a monster frightening the animals and Barney bear knew exactly what to do…

He ran up and gave the monster a big hug.

And the monster calmed down. Then all the animals realised that Barney bear was not scary and neither was the monster and they all became friends.

So if you are ever feeling sad, down hearted or even angry maybe a big hug will make you feel better.

Purple Pumpkin and the Stones by Tom

On a plant was a pumpkin, not a normal pumpkin, a purple pumpkin. That Purple Pumpkin was me.

Suddenly a cat started to attack me. It cut me with its claws and I was bleeding purple juice.

Then strangely, a wormhole opened up and I fell in.

When I landed, I saw I had arms and legs and I had a sword.

I was with a team of strange looking people and all of them called me master. They were my Minions. I soon realised we were in the middle of a war against the Guardian of the squid.  He was on a mission to destroy The Stones so that he could rule the World.

We started running towards a ditch to meet up with more of my minions. We hid there.

Later, it got dark. I saw something glowing green and I went to investigate.  I met a green man.  He looked like the colour of my arm, the green one.

My hand started to light up and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

The green man was called Time Stone.  He was looking for his brothers, who were all stones.

Eventually, we found some of the brothers. They were called the Mind Stone, the Soul Stone, the Reality Stone, the Space Stone and the Power Stone.

Now that we had some of the stones together, we know that there was no chance of The Guardian of the Squid taking over the World.

Suddenly there was a loud roar.  They all looked up and saw the Giant Squid.  The Stones started to glow. A magic power flowed down my arm and into the sword.  More and more blades grew out of the sword.

The swords all came together and created an unstoppable power that the Squid could not handle.

A lightning bolt shot from the sword and struck the Squid.  There was a hole in his chest and the Squids power fused with the swords power.  Then many stones jumped out of the Squids body.  More and more stone brothers were freed.

The once giant Squid disintegrated into millions of tiny specks of dust and was never seen again.

The Stones thanked me, Purple Pumpkin, for helping them.  They helped me get home.  Sometimes when I look around the grass, I see the stones protecting me from any visitors, especially cats.

Treasure Hunt by James

Archie was heading up to his room to go to bed for the night. He was getting into his pyjamas when he heard a tapping on his window. Archie went to investigate. At first he couldn’t see anything but when he peered closer he saw a face looking at him. He rubbed his eyes to see if he was dreaming, but no it was real!

Archie had waited for his mum and dad to go to bed before tiptoeing out of his room, down the stairs through the kitchen and out into the night. Luckily it was a warm summer’s night so he wasn’t cold. Archie walked cautiously towards were he had seen the face. He looked into the bushes and saw a small figure with a small pointy hat and a green suit. It was an elf.

“I know that you like pirates and treasure” exclaimed the elf.

“How do you know that?” asked Archie.

“Magic!” replied the elf. There was an awkward silence before the elf spoke again “I know where treasure is!”

“Treasure is not real” replied the Archie.

“Well if you come with me you may change your mind” said the elf. Archie finally trusted the elf and followed.

They started walking at first but then the elf started jogging. Faster and faster elf went until he burst into a run. Archie started to run so he could keep up. After a while, Archie started to run out of breath. His legs started to ache. He was starting to get tired so he asked the elf “Where are we going?”

“Like I said before, towards the treasure” replied the small man.

Finally, they came to a clearing surrounded by tall trees. The elf leads Archie to a spot. The boy looks at the elf with an expression of” where is the treasure”. The elf motions to a spot like he read the boy’s mind. Suddenly, the elf produces a spade and hands it to Archie.

Archie took the spade and started digging were the elf had pointed. A few digs later, he hits something hard CLUNK. The boy started to dig around the BIG object and then heaved it onto the grass. It was a wooden treasure chest! Archie found a lock and opened the chest cautiously. Archie was dazzled by the light; there were diamonds, rubies, and sapphires all staked on one and another. Archie would treasure this moment forever.

Kola Koala Saves the Day by Lilly S

Kola Koala was on a walk. On his walk he saw a Cactus down a hole. He said to the Cactus,

” Hi, I’m Kola Koala what’s your name? “

” I’m Coca Cactus. I’m trying to find my family can you help me. “

”Of course, but first we will have to get you out of this hole, but how? “

First Kola Koala tried pulling Coca Cactus out of the hole.

OW!    Kola Koala pricked himself on Coca Cactus’s body.

Next Kola found a rope and used it as a lasso and rapped it round it round Coca Cactus.

He pulled…

…And pulled…

…And pulled…

…until Coca Cactus was finally out of the hole.

On the edge of the road was a hover board. They hopped on it and hovered along the narrow road.

They went on…

…and on…

…and on…

…when all of a sudden they came to a valley with loads of uneven rocks.


”Did you hear that? “

They both turned around and behind them was Zum Zum. Zum Zum said” Hello Friends would you like to be my; I mean come for dinner. Ha-ha, who am I kidding you are my dinner.

”Coca run! “

They ran and ran and ran.  Kola Koala had a brilliant idea. They would hide in a small cave, so that the Zum Zum wouldn’t find them. And that’s exactly what they did. The Zum Zum kept on running.

“Come on lets go,” whispered Coca.

They headed on their journey.  They went through Rainforests and villages and eventually arrived at a desert.  They walked and walked and walked until Kola Koala sat down and said “I’m giving up.”

“What! We can’t give up now,” explained Coca Cactus tearfully.

“Don’t you see Coca, we’re in the middle of a desert. Wait, we’re in the middle of a desert.”

Kola Koala remembered something.

“Yes I know we’re in a desert, so what?” Coca replied.

“Cacti’s live in deserts and your family are cacti’s, so that means Coca …”

“Coca,” came a voice, “as in Coca Cactus.”

“Mummy Cactus is that you?”

So at the end of the story, Kola Koala found Coca Cactus’s family, and they lived happily together.


Hello Dolphins and Panthers

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This week the Year 6 key worker bubble finished writing their stories. We looked at a range of books and discussed their illustrations. We then spent time designing our characters and illustrating our story book.
On Thursday afternoon Dolphin bubble and Ladybird bubble had a zoom meeting. The Dolphin bubble were lucky enough to watch and hear Ladybird class read out their Little Red Riding Hood story. We were very impressed with their sentences and couldn’t believe how brave they were at talking through the webcam to year 6’s.
The Dolphin bubble then took it in turns to share and read their children’s story. Ladybird bubble were an amazing audience: they sat patiently and listened carefully.

Archie story

Floss story

Toby story

Hello Dolphins

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 Lovely Zoom chat today. Some brilliant home learning going on and some brilliant animal designs. Well done for reading lots too!
Next week’s challenge…. you have a choice… either:
a) Make an animal out of food or recyclable materials. I am going to try and make my ‘Dolplasticeer’


b) Design your own cake – we have been watching junior bake off every lunch time and we have been inspired by their drawings so some of us want to design our own.

I look forward to seeing your creations.

Thank you

Hi Panthers and Dolphins

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It was great to see a few more faces on our Zoom catch-up this week. Well done to those who made an animal out of fruit and vegetables – my lemon, carrot and currant fish was just about up to standard. The new challenge set by Eloise’s grandma is to learn something about volcanoes. You could show this in writing, pictures or even a model. Have fun!

This week the children in class have been cracking on with their story for a 4 year old.There are some great ideas and themes emerging.

Coming back to school has been relaxing but good to get back to a routine. In Science we did an investigation into static.  Using foil in the shape of fish, we used different materials it try and create static to make them ‘jump’. While eating our lunch we are watching Junior Bake-off. (Matthew)

I thought that because we haven’t been at school, it would be tough coming back. But it is really fun and relaxed and two days are not really the long! (Rosie)

Hi guys. It’s fun being back. We get to play Bingo and I win! No I’m kidding I don’t really! We don’t even have to share the play equipment. (Nikisha)

Every time we get our school lunch, we either have a joke, fact or positive motto. It is also great not having to share our equipment box. I am so glad to be back at school! (Eloise)

School has been fun but very different. It has been nice to get a normal routine. We have our own play equipment assigned to our bubble. (James )

I made a story called “Kola Koala saves the Day.”  We played a Maths and Logic game and we also played Scattergories. (Lilly)

For the last few weeks we have had fun. We have made static energy and made tinfoil fish ‘fly’. (Archie)

This week was my first week back at school. I didn’t really feel like coming in on Thursday but it has been so much fun, better than staying at home. We have played bingo and Scattergories. We have learnt about writing a story for a 4 year old and we are now writing our own. Maths has also been fun. I’m glad I came in!(Katie)

Today’s maths lesson was called swapping sides. We had 4 cubes on each side of a grid and we had to move them onto the opposite sides. We are also making a storybook for Mrs Bannister’s son who is 4 years old. It has really been fun. (Charlie)

This week was fun. In science we made static energy. We would rub a plastic wallet or ruler on our sweatshirt and the tin foil fish would jump/fly. (Ruby)

Hi Dolphins and Panthers
In last week’s blog we mentioned that the key worker group are looking at a different Shakespeare play each week. This week we are looking at Midsummer’s Night Dream ( We also looked at Shakespeare insults and created insults for each other. Toby went one step further and made a poem that he wants to share with you all:
Once there was a farmer, he didn’t grow the crops
A puny, base-fort giglet – that was what he was!

Once there was an engineer, he didn’t fix the tyre.
A dankish, dog-hearted pignut – so I threw him in the fire!

Finally there was a person, he hit me with a mace.
You fobbing, earth vexing clackdish –so I punched him in the face!

Also, Nasa published a 10 year time lapse of the sun on Wednesday ( ) so we watched it and thought it was really cool. Especially as it was really hot last week and we ending up spending 30 minutes talking about types of UV light and we discussed ways of keeping safe in the sun (sun cream, avoiding the sun during certain times of the day, wearing a hat and wearing sunglasses).
Alise would like to say ‘Hello!’
Lucy would like to say ‘Hello!’
Livvie would like to say ‘Hello peeps!’
And Kishan would like to say ‘Hello!’
From the Year 6 Key Worker Group

Hi Dolphins – Make sure you read the blog below about next week’s zoom meeting

Dolphin Zoom Meeting

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Hello all! It was lovely to see some of you and hear what you have been up to. Unfortunately the meeting froze on my end and when I came back into the zoom meeting only six of you were there L  so the six of us decided to set a challenge for the next meeting.
Your zoom challenge is to draw your own animal. You need to design and label your animal and think about how it has adapted to living in its own environment (rainforest, ocean, etc). I will design an animal myself and I will share my animal first. Then we will take it in turns for you to share your animal.
I will also ask three questions next week so have a think about how you’re going to answer them:
1) What learning have you done this week? (Any interesting facts? Any projects? –you can share these!)
2) What have you enjoyed the most this week? (Activities? Games? Baking?)
3) What books are you reading? (Fiction? Non-fiction? Comics?)
I am definitely looking forward to the next zoom meeting –I will share the book I am reading. Speak soon J
Miss Carter