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On the second week of term, year 6 went to Osmington bay near Weymouth and took part in many activities including: abseiling, climbing, giant swing, quad biking and street surfing.

When they arrived in Osmington Bay, year 6 dropped their bags at the accommodation, looked at their rooms and found out who their room mates were. After that, they got a tour around the campus then the year 6’s went to a play court to play different games. Soon after that the children and adults went to eat Dinner (Tea). The rest of the week was fun here’s a quote from me (Ethan) “One-night Max was singing- and the teachers came during this for room inspections and heard him. They found it so funny. They left the room so that Max didn’t know about them coming in then room inspections carried on as usual.”

Thanks to Max his team (Max, Ethan, Codie, Andre) won the boys room completion. Elicia, Marta, Ameilia and Lily, won the girls competition.

In summary, the year 6s had a breath-taking five-day week in Osmington Bay as they have accomplished and achieved various activities and life skills they never learned before. Many of us made friends with people from other schools, participated in challenging tasks and have been encouraged to try one in a life time opportunities that were hard to come by.

Many people –including me, myself- have many favourite tasks that they’ve handled throughout the five day period. First of many, Luke, says he enjoyed many activities like Jacob’s Ladder, Zipwire and Giant Swing. Other popular options throughout the vast majority of year 6s was fencing, Street Surfing, archery, trapeze, Aeroball and orienteering.

This year the year 6s have had a time of their life, and we couldn’t do it without the teachers and helpers: Mrs Taft, Mrs Barker, Mrs Bailey, Miss Carter and Mrs Sankey.

Junior Maths Workshop

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Below is a link to the information shared at the Junior Maths workshop which covered how maths is taught in Year 3 to Year 6.

Please click here and the progression in calculation booklet here


Science and Scream!

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Mummifying apples

During the week in science, we investigated how ancient Egyptians used salt to mummify. We had four apples and they were all peeled. One of the apples was left as the control. The second apple was covered in salt. The third apple was covered in baking soda and salt. The fourth apple was covered in baking soda. We predicted that the baking soda and salt would remove the most moisture. We weighted all four apples before we completed the investigation. This time next week we will reweigh the apples to see which one lost the most moisture.

At the start of the term, we started to read our new class reading book: SCREAM mummy’s revenge by Andrew Beasley. There are four main characters- Billy, Charley, Doogie and Sir Gordon. At the start of the book Sir Gordon held a party to show off the mummy’s sarcophagus which he brought back from his expedition in Egypt. Unfortunately, he brought back a curse and the mummy escaped from the coffin. Sir Gordon went to London to ask two detectives (Billy and Charley) for help.
The two detectives travel to Edinburgh (where Sir Gordon lives) and on the way they were visited by the sandman who gave them a warning.  They continue with their investigation regardless and go to Sir Gordon’s hotel. When they arrive they hear a high pitched scream because the mummy had scared the landlady.  The mummy spots Billy and Charley in the hotel and attacks Billy. Luckily the detectives escape. They arrive at lady Fitzpatrick’s house and charley is taken to speak with lady Fitzpatrick and we found out that charley has polio.

*S.C.R.E.A.M stands for supernatural crimes, rescues, emergencies and mysteries.

Creative History Day

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Creative History

On Tuesday 25th September, Dolphin, Panther and Panda class all took part in a creative history day. To start the day, we heard a story from Taia (a historian who specialises in ancient Egypt) about the gods they believed in. We then spent the day rotating around three activities.
One of the activities was with Taia and we learnt how to dress like an Egyptian. We also talked about the wealth of the costumes; the longer the quilt the wealthier you would be.
The second activity was identifying artefacts from the time period. We were master historians because we labelled the artefacts and asked questions. Lots of the Egyptians objects were made from Ebony wood (which is very expensive.)
The third activity was great fun! We made our very own Egyptian amulets out of gold card and then decorated them with ancient hieroglyphics. We also experimented with reed pens -it was very hard and we all can’t imagine writing with the pen every day.

We all enjoyed learning more about the ancient Egyptians. It helped us with our topic on ‘How do we make our mark?’.

By Ella and Elicia (Dolphin Class)


Building Bridges

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We had a great day building bridges with Mott MacDonald. We all got the chance to build a large bridge in the school hall as well as constructing bridges in the classroom. This involved working in small teams to build a bridge to support a bucket with weights in. The Yr 1&2 classes had also been building bridges in their classrooms and some of them came to see our bridge in the school hall.

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Water Rockets with Mr Webber.

On Tuesday 19th of June, a Henry Beaufort science teacher came to Harestock Primary School to teach us some fun stuff. We were bringing lots and lots of bottles and cardboard but what are we going to do with them?

After break, Mr Webber came into the room and told us that we were doing water rockets for our experiment (we got a head start as some of Panda’s students told us about it at break as they had already done it in the morning). He told us that he could teach us, as Year 11’s had finished their GCSE. He taught us how a water rocket works (pressure, aerodynamics and air resistance) and then we learnt how to build our own water rockets and then we launched them outside using a cardboard base and a black pump.

Outside on the field, we laid our bases and put our rockets on them (attached to a pump) and we filled them with water, the more water inside the bottle, the more thrust it would have but the heavier it would become.

Rashim, Andre, Phillip and Aidan’s (My team) came 2nd and I couldn’t remember the other team’s scores. First only Phillip pumped and then Andre and Phil, and finally, Rashim and Aidan.

Then, Mr Webber tested if a small coke bottle could go further than a 2 litre Fanta bottle.

The Fanta bottle did go high, but the coke bottle went so high we couldn’t even see it from the ground! (it went above the clouds!) but eventually it came crashing down amongst the forest (which is on the other side of the field.)

By Rashim and Andre