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Hello Ladybirds!

Posted by Heather Smith in ladybird

I am writing this on Monday, as I had to dash off on Friday because the person that I live with found a rat in our kitchen! I thought it might have been Remy from Ratoutille coming to teach me how to cook, but it was not. The rat wanted to eat all my food! I had to buy some traps to catch the rat and I have had to fill in the hole that it used to get into the kitchen. It was very exciting, but I was also very nervous as well. I hope that I do not get any more rats visiting!
We were busy in school this past week. We were practising our numbers to 100, finishing our instructions on how to attack a castle, started reading Little Red Riding Hood and made paper plate animals. We chose an animal based on whether it was a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. Also in school this week, we had our class zoom! It was great to speak to the children that came onto the zoom call. We are having another one this week, please check your emails for all the information. In our zoom call this week, you will be able to chat to the children that are in class and catch up with each other.
Have an excellent week and I hope to speak with you all soon.
Thinking of your always,
Mr. Gorton

Happy Friday Ladybirds!

Posted by Heather Smith in ladybird

How has your week been? This week in school, we made and painted clay model characters for our castles and made our own shields with a coat of arms. We have still been practising our key skills in Reading, Writing and Maths every day. We have also made crowns and have been spending a lot of time outside. One afternoon, we did relay races – it was very hot.

We worked very hard this week on our spellings and have been using Spellodrome to practice them. If you would like to play Spellodrome at home, then your log in is on the back of your reading record. Well done to Finley, who has been practising his spellings using Spellodrome. This week he has earnt 800 points! I wonder if anyone else could get a higher score than Finley next week?

Outside of school, I bought some new running shoes as I put my other ones in the washing machine and they had split in two when they came out. Oops! I planted some sunflowers a few weeks ago and they have been growing everyday. I know that the Year R Ladybirds were given some sunflower seeds and have planted them. I have seen that Daisy has also planted some pepper and chilli seeds that have started to come through! Yum. Daisy has also been exploring the outdoors by climbing some big hills and she has been keeping active by running 10 kilometres. That is much further than I can run at the moment. Well done Daisy!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We miss you all so much. Stay safe and make sure you are enjoying the good weather by getting out and staying active!

Thinking of you all.

Mr. Gorton

Hello Ladybirds,

Posted by Heather Smith in ladybird

I hope you have had a lovely week. What have you been doing this week? In school this week, we have been practising our number bonds to 10, retold the story “Knights and Dragons Unite” and built cardboard castles!
I received a lovely email from Elliott this week. Elliott has written a story of a brave knight that lived in a castle. It is a fantastic story and I have attached a picture of it to this blog. I also received a drawing from Elliott of his very own mythical dragon – with labels as well! Thank you so much for sending this to me.
If any families would like to share any home learning that you have been doing then please email the office, who can forward it onto me.
Finally, I am so pleased that Mrs. Sankey has decided that for the first week back in September, children will be with their class teacher from the previous year. This means that before you all move into Year 2 and your new classes, we will be able to catch up and enjoy one week together. That is so exciting and I cannot wait to see you all together again.
Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your week next week. We miss you all and are thinking of you everyday.
Mr. Gorton
Here is a message from Mrs. Parsons:
Hello lovely Ladybirds,
I do hope you have all had a good week. I thought you might like to know that I have been in touch with Mrs Dover and she told me that Mathias is doing very well; I was so surprised when she told me he is a month old already.
I wonder if any of you have planted any seeds and managed to get them to grow. I have grown five sunflowers plants. I have to make sure that I water them when we have not had any rain; it is lovely to see how quickly they grow. I was so excited to see some flowers that are nearly ready to open. My whole garden will be so pleased with the rain we have had recently. The grass was beginning to look brown.
I do hope you all have had a good week.
Lots of love
From Mrs Parsons


Hello Ladybirds,

Posted by Heather Smith in ladybird

Happy Friday! The weather has not been great this week. I hope the sun comes back soon. We have been busy in school this week. We have made and tested catapults. We have designed a castle that we are going to build next week. We have also been reminding ourselves how to use a number line to work out addition problems. We have been reading every day and practising our key words. We also had special visitor – a
real life princess! We wrote questions to her about what life living in a castle is like. I have attached a picture of the princess – and may I just say she is a very beautiful princess…
We all miss you so much and wish you could be here with us all.

Stay safe. All the best,
Mr. Gorton

Here is a message from Mrs. Parsons:
Lovely Ladybirds,
I hope you have had a good week. Many of you may remember me talking about my chickens. I thought you might like to see them, and their eggs. I have: Anastasia (the dark/blueish grey one)
Hedwig (the white and black one)
McGonagall ( the black one)
and Sybil (the little paler grey one)
You will see they are different colours and they lay different coloured eggs. Anastasia and Hedwig lay the normal brown eggs that we buy from a supermarket. McGonagall lays dark brown eggs and Sybil lays the blue eggs. They all taste the same though even though  they are different colours.
Have a good week
Love from Mrs Parsons