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Staff Survey

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Use link below to find results of staff survey.

Staff Survey Results – 2016

Welcome message from Chair of Governors

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A warm welcome, on behalf of the Governing Body, to the new school year.

 We very much hope that you and your children have settled into the school routine again after a good summer break. This is always a busy term: this week we welcomed our 40 new Year R children; last week we welcomed 13 new children across the school, and of course as the term progresses we will have the run up to Christmas with all the excitement of the Christmas Fair and concerts. A big thank you to all our staff and families for your work in settling everyone into the new term – thank you!

The Governing Body – how you can find out more about what we do

As a Governing Body, our role is to set and oversee the direction of the School – you can find out more about who the Governors are and our role as a Governing Body by scrolling down through our Governors page at

At the moment, we are finalising our Annual meeting plan, which will summarise our meetings and the strategic focus of our meetings. In addition, together with Mrs Sankey, we are finalising the School Improvement Plan, which is key to our continuous improvement as a school. Both these documents will be published as soon as they are finalised so that you know more about what we are doing.

Two Governor vacancies – could you, or someone you know, be a Governor?

This year the Governing Body will be seeking at least two Governors, so please think about whether you can assist:

 –          a Parent Governor to replace Michelle Nye as her four year term comes to an end.  Elections will need to be held in November for this post so please start thinking now about whether you might be interested and have the skills and experience the Governing Body needs in order to develop its work and drive school improvement. More information about the role, and the needs of the Governing body, will be available in due course, but enquiries are always welcome via In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michelle for her valuable contribution and hard work over the last four years. Michelle’s knowledge of education and dedication to driving school improvement has been of great value to the Governing Body and we will miss her;

–          a Co-opted Governor to fill an ongoing vacancy. We would very much like to bring the Governing Body up to full strength and so will be updating our assessment of the skills and experience we need to add to the Governing Body. Once we have completed this assessment, more information will be published through our webpage and Hampshire County Council’s Governor vacancy service, so if you know someone who you think can contribute to the work of the Harestock Governing Body, please mention this to them. In the meantime, our current advertisement and information can be found on our webpage.

A quick snapshot of what we do – Governor visits to the school

As well as our regular schedule of meetings, the Governing Body also carries out Governor Visits to the school, and undergoes training and skills development both as a full Governing  Body and as individuals. Our visits are planned in advance and focus on matters such as the implementation by the school of the School Improvement Plan, implementation of policies such as Safeguarding and related policies, and how the school is making sure that the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) development needs of our pupils is met. These visits ensure that Governors have a full understanding of the school and are able to use this knowledge to carry out the work of the Governing Body.

Keeping you more up to date – can you help us?

This year we would like to keep you more up to date with the work we are doing – last year we made some improvements in that were able to include some updates on our webpage and in the newsletter, but this year we would like to improve further. We would like to carry out a number of consultations on strategic issues, make sure our minutes are more readily available, and provide more easy to read information and summaries for anyone who doesn’t want to read minutes. If you have a particular skill in communications and would like to help us, or know someone else who could help us, then please let me know by contacting me

All the best for the upcoming term!

Linda Gregory

Chair of Governors, Harestock Primary School

Governing Body Autumn 2015 update

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Welcome to our first Governing Body meeting blog update – I hope you find it informative. Please do let the governors know your thoughts and suggestions as to how we can keep you up to date on our work!

Summary of September’s activities

In the last month:

  • we have been working on our governance plan for 2015/2016. The plan summarises the Governing Body’s work (including meetings and visits) and the strategic foci for the year;
  • two of the Subcommittees of the Governing Body have met (Finance & Resources and Staffing);
  • we have conducted a number of governor visits including attending the first INSET day, a full day governor visit focussed on safeguarding, participating on an interview panel, and attending a celebration assembly; and
  • the Full Governing Body (FGB) has had its first meeting of the academic year.

The minutes of all the meetings will be available at the end of November once the minutes have been approved.

This is a summary of the Full Governing Body and Sub-committee meetings:

  • we have a new governor and have appointed our office holders and Sub-committees. These are all listed on the main “Governors” webpage and there is a “welcome and introduction” blog in relation to our new governor;
  • we reviewed our responsibilities as a Governing Body and also approved our Governing Body Plan for the year setting out our strategic focus for FGB meetings, Sub-committees and governor visits. Governor visits will be focussed around the School Improvement Plan as well as safeguarding and SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural);
  • we took part in the “values” exercise which had also been run by Mrs Sankey with staff at the INSET day, in class for pupils and for parents/carers via the school newsletter. The values which the governors identified as particularly important to their role and the school generally were: integrity, respect, openness, honesty and collaboration;
  • we are broadly on budget for the year, but note that we need to look at the strategic issue of school excursions and school expenditure on them, and also at forthcoming capital expenditure possibly required;
  • we received reports from: the Head Teacher in relation to the previous academic year; the Sub-committees which had met; governors in relation to their visits; and updates in relation to matters such as Barton Farm and a proposed new “in school” teacher training scheme;
  • we reviewed and approved various key documents and policies for the Governing Body and school;
  • we would be very interested to hear from parents, carers, pupils and staff as to how the Governing Body can engage better about our work;
  • we will be developing a consultation in relation to school excursions including how the school prioritises and funds them.

I hope that this is an interesting overview and will look to include more detail about the FGB and Sub-committee meetings on this blog in the next few weeks.

Linda Gregory, Chair of Governors

Welcome to our new governor!

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I would like to welcome and introduce a new governor, Mr Alistair Scott, who was co-opted to the Governing Body at our Full Governing Body meeting on 28 September 2015.

Alistair is a local businessman who brings to the Governing Body experience in finance, operating a business and a personal interest and qualification in professional education and development. Over the next few months Alistair will be undergoing our governor induction regime and settling into his new role as Governor. If you see Alistair around (governors wear yellow lanyards when they are at school in their capacity as governors) please feel free to introduce yourself and make him welcome.

Alistair is what is known as a “co-opted” governor and was co-opted following the Governing Body conducting a skills audit refresher; advertising for potential governors in the school newsletter, local publications and via Hampshire County Council; and a formal application and interview process. In addition to training provided to new governors by Hampshire County Council, Alistair will also attend various Governing Body Committee meetings as part of his induction before being allocated to an appropriate committee (or committees) and getting stuck in to the work of the Governing Body!

We have two remaining vacancies on the Governing Body and continue to look to fill them with individuals with the requisite skills, experience and willingness to learn. Our previous advert is in the main part of the “Governors” web page and if you possess the skills and experience we need, or know someone who does, and would like to make a difference to the development of our children, then please contact us via or for more information about being a governor, including the eligibility requirements, have a look at Hampshire County Council’s information at:

Linda Gregory, Chair of Governors

Welcome to 2015/2016 from the Chair of Governors!

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Welcome to a new year at Harestock Primary: a warm welcome to our new staff, pupils, and families, and a big welcome back to all our familiar faces!

As a school, we are looking forward to a great year together and, to get us off to a flying start, our staff have been busy over the school holidays preparing for the new year, so a big thanks for their hard work.

By way of a quick update from the Governing Body:

  • over the holidays we have been looking at this year’s School Improvement Plan with our Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher;
  • yesterday I joined staff for a fantastic inset day. Together, we looked at key issues such as our school values, the School Improvement Plan (SIP), and outstanding practice. There was a great team spirit, and I am really looking forward to all of us working together with our pupils, parents, and carers to make this a brilliant year!
  • the first meeting of the Full Governing Body is at the end of September and we will be electing new office holders, setting up the subcommittees, and agreeing our plan of work for the year including the visits which Governors make to the school as part of their role;
  • minutes of our meetings are available from the school office, and we will work hard to provide summary updates using this blog and via the school newsletter.

Linda Gregory, Chair of Governors