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Hi Everyone!

Posted by Heather Smith in Koalas
It’s Friday again! I hope you’re all okay, this week seems to have gone faster for me, what about you?
Coconut bubble have been learning about Boudicca and Time in maths. We made play park equipment and made posters about how to live sustainably without creating waste.
It was lovely to catch up with you on Zoom this week, I hope to see more of you again next Thursday at 11am.
Here are some links I mentioned on the zoom for you to check out:
Puffin Draw off:
(we had a go at drawing along with them!)
Have a good weekend and see you next week!
Love Miss B x

Hey Koalas,

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It’s been a good week! I absolutely loved seeing so many of you on zoom this week! Hope more of you can join us next week (Thursday at 11:00 changed from 11:30).

Coconut bubble have been busy! We have been mono printing which got a little messy (no surprise)! We also made gratitude trees with Mrs Larmour where we thought carefully about all the things we are grateful for and wrote them on a leaf! They are beautiful and very meaningful.

It’s great to hear so many of you have been enjoying reading over the lockdown. Follow the link for some Jacqueline Wilson resources: The entire website is great!

Have an excellent weekend and I will catch up with you again on Thursday!

Love Miss B x

Hello Koalas

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I hope you’ve had an amazing week in the sun and remembered your sun safety!
The coconut bubble have been working hard this week, learning lots about corona virus and vaccines as well as muddling through with lots of fractions work and a debate!
I haven’t received any emails from you this week! I love seeing and hearing what you’ve all been up to so keep sending them! Just drop an email with my name to the office.
Lots of Love
Miss B

Hey Koalas,

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I hope you are all doing well! I have some exciting news, I received an email this week from WWF UK to update us on the koala we sponsored. It read: ‘

Maryanne was only found after rescuers heard rustling in the bushes whilst searching a fire-scorched forest near Brisbane in December last year.

Dubbed the “miracle” koala, Maryanne was taken to a nearby RSPCA Wildlife Hospital for specialist treatment for her burns. WWF donated emergency appeal funds to RSPCA Queensland to help it deal with the huge influx of wildlife patients, including Maryanne, following the bushfires.

Just a year old, she was underweight, dehydrated and suffering with burnt paws. After her emergency treatment, Maryanne was transferred to the home of koala carers, Peter Luker and Trudi Timbs. Where after 6 months, her wounds healed, a missing claw grew back, and her weight more than doubled, going from 1.5 kg to a much healthier 3.5 kg.

Maryanne was recently released back into the wild – a much-needed celebration after such an environmental tragedy.’

I have attached some of the fantastic pictures of her for you!

I’ve had a good week catching up with you all! Nice to hear so many of you have been staying in touch with each other and very jealous of all the baking you’ve been up to! Some Koalas haven’t spoken with any of their friends from school since we went into lockdown so if you’re thinking you haven’t heard from someone maybe think about dropping that person a quick message or call if you can.

Have a good weekend!


Miss B x

Hi Koalas,

Posted by Heather Smith in Koalas

I hope you’re doing okay and that you’ve had opportunity to socially distance with more of your families this week.

I have been at school all week, we have been designing our own islands and outdoor P.E. between the rainy showers.

I’ve been making contact with a few of you this week and it’s been lovely to hear from you. If you haven’t heard from me yet I’ll try and make sure I speak to you all next week. It’s been lovely to hear so many of you keeping in touch with each other as well as learning new skills and lots of baking!

Have a great week ahead!

Love Miss B