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Infant(Yr R- Yr 2) Maths Workshop

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Below is a link to the information shared at the Infant Maths workshop which covered how maths is taught in Year R to Year 2.

Please click here



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We began our new theme, ‘Space, by enjoying the story of ‘Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.  Baby Bear was so keen to go to the moon he made a rocket out of a box, found his space boots and packed a lunch before heading off up the chimney on an adventure. The children have enjoyed acting out the story and making their own rockets to take them to the moon. They have been thinking about ‘take away’ and using food to practically find the answer to problems such as, ‘baby bear had three apples but he ate one. How many did he have left?’

Then a letter arrived from Bob. He is an astronaut who has a very important job, cleaning the moon.  Every morning he travels to the moon in his rocket and spends the day looking after the visitors, entertaining them and cleaning up before travelling home again.

The children found it very funny that Bob doesn’t believe aliens exist as they could spot them hiding on each page of the book, Man on the Moon.  The children have loved making their own shape aliens and also painting pictures of them.  The book, ‘Aliens love underpants’ also gave us lots of inspiration when learning about patterns. The children went on an alien hunt in the woods as found signs of alien slime. A letter from the aliens suggested they all had bad colds so the children designed them repeating pattern hankies!

Be Bright Be Seen

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As part of our Road Safety week at school we have been talking a lot about how to stay safe around roads and on journeys.

We went on a walk around our local area to practice crossing roads safely. We practiced ‘Stop, Look, Listen’ and holding hands with an adult.  We also talked about why we don’t cross a road near parked cars and about the importance of thinking for ourselves and not following the person in front.

Thank you very much to all the adults who came to support us and help on our trip.

Forest Day

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We have had a wonderful day outside and have been super busy. The children have listened to the story of ‘Leaf Man’ and enjoyed making their own leaf pictures.  We sat in the woods to enjoy ‘Stick Man’ before the children found their own stick men and enjoyed exploring and climbing trees.

They all made bog art models out of clay, using natural found objects for embellishments and detail.  The children enjoyed eating lunch in the woods before going on a treasure hunt in the afternoon and having a hot chocolate and biscuit treat!


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Please click the link below to read the most recent Newsletter from the reception team.

Reception Newsletter 5.10.18

Boogie Mites

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Starting on the 5th November running for 6 weeks a course for parents run by Boogie Mites which is a programme to support literacy and maths for YR pupils. For more information please click here