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Hi Otter class,

Posted by Heather Smith in Otters
Well another week has zipped by again. It was brilliant catching up with so many of you on Zoom and seeing that you are well. Hopefully next time we won’t have a hiccup with the technology next time and we will get the picture side of things working.
In class this week, we have continued to learn about the Anglo Saxons with a focus on Alfred the Great. We have a better idea of what made him ‘great’ and made clay statues of him based on the one in Winchester. We have also started to write a hero story like the Beowulf. I am expecting some very complicated and difficult journeys.
The work some of you have done on Purple Mash continues to be great. Just remember to read the story set carefully so you can answer the questions about it accurately. If you aren’t working on Purple Mash then please continue to email us with anything you are doing. We do see them and it makes us very happy!
Hopefully we will see more of you very soon
Mrs Somerset

Hello Otter class,

Posted by Heather Smith in Otters

It was so lovely to catch up with many of you yesterday in the zoom meeting and see your lovely smiling faces! I hope you all enjoyed seeing each other and listening to the things everyone had to say and seeing the things people had brought to show.
Didn’t the time fly?! I can’t believe we filled the whole meeting with no seconds to spare by the time you had all finished talking.  If you thought of anything that you had wanted to say but forgot, or didn’t have time to say then don’t worry there’s always next week. Sorry Grace that you didn’t get your chance to speak, we unmuted you but it was muted on your end so have a look at that for next time, you can talk first next week.
Anyone that tried to join but had problems, let us know if there’s anything we can do to help, hopefully you’ll have better luck next time. Just some reminders for next week: Please make sure your name matches your real name so that we know who you
are. We can’t admit people to the meeting if we don’t think we know you. Also please make sure you know how to unmute yourself.
Looking forward to seeing you next week!
Love Mrs Jacques

Hi Otter class,

We have had another busy week with lots of laughter.
This week we have started to read Beowulf, which has proved popular as there is lots of fighting with monsters in it. It is an Anglo Saxon tale that used to be passed in by word of mouth. If you want to find out more about the story, there is a link on the home learning, where you can listen to an audio version of it.
We have also started to learn about the way the Anglo Saxons lived and created maps to show what they would need and where they would set up their villages.
I’m really pleased that we are seeing some great home learning from many of you. Both Katie and Macauley regularly email us with just the most amazing projects! This week Macauley played countdown at home using numbers and letters. What a brilliant idea, to turn learning into a game!
I’ve also enjoyed seeing what you have produced on Purple Mash, the best but is seeing that you have done some fantastic research to inform you on some of the tasks set.
Keep up all the good work Otter class.
Mrs Somerset

Hi Otter class

Posted by Heather Smith in Otters
Gosh isn’t it hot? I know some of you have got paddling pools so I expect you are keeping cool in those.
This week in the key worker bubble we have had lots of fun revising our measuring skills in maths and writing a newspaper report for chapter 7 of Stig of the Dump, where Barney and his sister Lou go to a party and capture a leopard, which had escaped from a circus.
In addition to this, we glued string to an iron age design and then painted it to look like an iron age brooch. However, the most fun was had when the children made an iron age helmet out of card. There was a moment that they looked like a pair of underpants!
I’ve also reviewed the homework set on Purple Mash. Those of you who have done it, have been brilliant with it and I’m glad so many of you have enjoyed the tasks. Keep up the good work. I hope to see more.
Mrs Somerset

Hi Otter Class,

Posted by Heather Smith in Otters

This week with the key workers, we have rewritten the opening chapter to Stig of the Dump from Stig’s viewpoint and started to look at the idea of some sections being rewritten as a play.

In History we learned about  how copper was brought to Britain by new settlers, which helped to more copper and tin. This meant that Bronze could be created through a process called smelting.

Those of you at home could have a go at this by scooping out a bit of potato, creating a mould and then pouring melted chocolate or jelly. We also worked on our geography skills by using grid points to read maps and we practised this by playing battleships.

I’m pleased to say that Macauley has sent in some of his learning at home. It is fantastic and he has earnt 3 house points for it! Well done.

 Please send us anything you are doing. It is very exciting to see it.

Keep up the good work Otters.

Mrs Somerset

Hello Otter class,

Posted by Heather Smith in Otters

I hope you are all doing well. Mrs Somerset and I have really enjoyed catching up with some of you over the phone and finding out what you’ve been up to. If you haven’t spoken to us yet you will hear from us this week or next and we look forward to speaking to you!

I’ve been really enjoying our new topic on the Stone Age, I’ve actually never done this topic before, not even when I was at school. I wonder if any of you have found out any information about the Stone Age that you didn’t already know? Last Friday we were finding out about different prehistoric time periods. We found out the time periods for the Early Stone age (Paleolithic), the Middle Stone Age (Mesolithic) and Late Stone Age (Neolithic) as well as the Iron Age and Bronze Age, and we plotted them all on a timeline in chronological order. We also researched Stone Age survival and found out about threats, which are the things that endangered Stone Age people, or assets, which
are the things that helped them to survive.

Please remember that you can always email us to tell us anything in particular that you have learned or email photos of things that you have done. Some of the other class teachers have received several emails from children and Otter class haven’t sent any yet! Just email the school office and it will be passed on to Mrs Somerset and myself. I know that some of you have been picking up the work booklets from school, I hope you’ve been holding off from looking at the answers in the back of the book until after you’ve attempted the work, but once you’ve done it you can use the answers to mark your own work and let us know how you’ve done.

In maths we continued to learn about fractions using shapes, and in English we carried on reading Stig of the Dump and wrote out some imaginary conversations between Stig and Barney using speech marks. I haven’t read this book for a long time, not since I was at school, which shows how long the book has been around for!

When you come back to school, we will allow lots of time for sharing all of the things you have done so even though it might seem like a long wait, we will love seeing all of your hard work when we get the chance!

Take care Otters, I miss you all.

Love from Mrs Jacques

Hello lovely Otters

How are you all doing? It is very strange being in school and not having you all here with us. I am missing your smiley faces. We have been reading “Stig in the Dump” and the children have been busy working on describing a Stone Age man. Mrs Smith had them creating cave art!  We have learnt a lot about Stonehenge from a weblink.

It would be fantastic to see what you have been up to,please email us some photos.

Take care

Mrs Francis

P.S Please remember to wear your cycle helmets when you are out on your bikes. I’m glad I was when I fell off.