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Infant Sports Day

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A fantastic morning was had by all on Monday for our Infant Sports day.  The children really threw themselves into the activities!  Here’s a collage of each house doing some of their events.  Many thanks to our two great photographers for their hard work.  It was a tough job to select from over 500 photos!!


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This week we’ve had a great time learning about erosion.  The children watched Mrs Butler simulate erosion over time with a sandcastle.  Have a look at the photos to see what happened.

Cathedral Trip Year 2

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The Year 2s had a great day last week at Winchester Cathedral.  They worked with the staff to create a set of panpipes and a rainmaker each.  After that they had a tour of the cathedral looking at the musical instruments that they could find in the carvings and stonework.  The children also had a talk from the organist about how the organ worked and the types of music it could create.  They learnt that there are over 6000 pipes in the cathedral organ!  Finally they had a chance to listen to her playing different types of music, as well as watch via the cameras which had been set up on her hands and feet.  My personal highlight was the rendition of pieces from The Jungle Book, which is not something you expect to hear in Winchester Cathedral and I’m sure confused all the tourists at the time!!


The Enchanted Wood and The Faraway Tree

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The children have been really enjoying listening to and reading adventures from The Enchanted Wood and The Faraway Tree.  They even had a go at reading to the class.  We are now writing our own adventures.

Lepe Beach

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The children all had a fantastic time this week on our trip, despite the weather!  They searched in the rockpools with one of the Lepe Country Park rangers to discover lots of interesting creatures.  The children particularly enjoyed finding crabs of various sizes.  We were all surprised by the number of different types of seashells that could be found when we had an opportunity to collect, compare and identify them.  The Year 1 children had a great time searching carefully along the beach to find items from their scavenger hunt and became quite competitive about who had found the most.  Thank goodness we had the use of a room for lunchtime, giving us a chance to dry out and warm up!  It dried up in the afternoon when we were able to hunt along the beach and headland for signs and features of coastal areas.

Victorian Day

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This week we went back in time and made our classes part of a Victorian School.  We had classes in Maths, reading, copybook and drill.  The boys took part in gardening and woodwork and the girls took part in needlework and life drawing. Playtime was a chance to play marbles for the boys and skipping for the girls. Our teachers were all very strict and even had a cane! We had to sit up straight all day and not talk unless spoken to.