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Victorian Day

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This week we went back in time and made our classes part of a Victorian School.  We had classes in Maths, reading, copybook and drill.  The boys took part in gardening and woodwork and the girls took part in needlework and life drawing. Playtime was a chance to play marbles for the boys and skipping for the girls. Our teachers were all very strict and even had a cane! We had to sit up straight all day and not talk unless spoken to.

Harestock Histories video

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Tuesday was certainly a busy day!  Thank you very much to all the parents and family members who came to the premiere of Harestock Histories.  Thank you also for your patience during the technical difficulties!  We got there in the end!

I hope you agree that the children did a fantastic job and the videos can be watched below so you can enjoy it together in peace and quiet.  I was very proud of the children and the work that had gone into creating our final outcome.  They worked in groups, organising themselves, deciding on their individual roles as well as writing their own scripts.  Next they learnt their scripts and practised saying their lines before we finally had the camera rolling.

Here are some photos of the process leading up to the outcome along with photos of the cinema experience itself.


Harestock Histories

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We are coming to the end of yet another fantastic topic!  The children have really enjoyed learning lots of facts and I’m sure they’ve been busy sharing these with you at home.  It’s been lovely to listen to their debates and discussions about who was to blame.  Some of them have shown the makings of being public speakers!

On Tuesday 12th February at 2.45pm, the children will be presenting their creation of Harestock Histories in Owl classroom.  We hope you will enjoy their film, along with some tasty popcorn as refreshments.  Please can you bring along a small donation for the refreshments so don’t forget your purses.

Sea City Museum

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On Thursday 10th January, a very excited group of children from Ladybirds, Owls and Woodpeckers boarded a double decker coach for Southampton and the Sea City Museum.  With a whole day planned to learn all about the Titanic, the children braced themselves for plenty of learning… and fun.

From steering the ship and sending Morse Code to stoking the boilers, the children learnt about the ship and how it worked.  They then had an opportunity to get hands-on in the workshop, trying to identify artefacts from the period as well as deepening their understanding of why it sank so quickly through an investigation.   We all learnt many new facts (including Mrs Butler!) and got to know more about the crew and passengers on the Titanic’s fateful journey.

On our return journey we were able to take a detour via the docks to enable us to see the cruise ships that were in port, including the Queen Mary 2.  The children that were lucky enough to be on the top of the coach got a great view!

A Special Visitor

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On Tuesday we found sparkly reindeer footprints in the hall!  We found half of Santa’s instructions all ripped and scrunched up.  We thought the reindeer did it.  Breakfast Club found them first and looked around the school for clues!  They even took photos of the adults’ shoes to try to work out whose footprint was on the paper!

We needed to make more instructions for Father Christmas so he can deliver the presents on Christmas Eve.  Have a look at Mia’s instructions, hopefully Christmas can be saved!

By Mrs Butler, Lila and Mia


Infant(Yr R- Yr 2) Maths Workshop

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Below is a link to the information shared at the Infant Maths workshop which covered how maths is taught in Year R to Year 2.

Please click here