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Christmas is coming!

Posted by Heather Smith in Panda

Today is Christmas jumper day and we also had a Christmas lunch. In the morning, for EMA we coloured Christmas jumpers. Everyone looks amazing with their Christmas jumpers on. Everyone loved their Christmas lunch if they had one, even Miss Barrett and Mrs Francis ate with us.

Hi I’m Iia and my highlight of the week is when I played jingle bells in my violin lesson on Wednesday.  Hi I’m Joe my highlight is football everyday with my mates.

Also, we heard rock to the beat perform and we all loved it. Everyone did great. As non-uniform day tradition, we did a catwalk in the afternoon, we were all FAB-U-LOUS!

We are looking forward to the last day of term next week!


An action packed week in Panda’s

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This week has been a great week because we had a lot of fun doing History on Monday. It is Anti-Bullying Week and Road Safety Week. On Tuesday, we watched a movie called Four Kids And It, while Miss Barrett did parents evening, all of band five enjoyed it but our class enjoyed it the most. We still love bashing the drums in music on Wednesday’s. On Thursday, we did some sketches of our partner (it was really hard) we also did some more fractions in Maths. On Friday, we all dressed up in bright clothes for Be Bright Be Seen Week. You need sunglasses to look at us all, we had great fun doing a cat walk through the centre of class. We voted that Max and Iia were the brightest pandas while Teeiree and Felix gave the sassiest performance in the cat walk!

Weekly blog

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In English we have been learning about Mrs Dodds turning into a bat from Percy Jackson.

We had to write a character description and the ordo book.

Also we have been learning about horrible history wife swap we were having fun writing it.


In maths we have been learning about factors and rounding Numbers to the nearest 10s and 100s.


We have been learning about light souse and shadows which was very interesting +and FUN.



Rafferty and Edward’s Blog

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In English we’ve written an informal letter about Percy Jackson. The letter was to Percy’s mum because he had been expelled from school.

Today I’m looking forward to music but Rafferty isn’t because he doesn’t like loud noises. Here’s a picture of one of the drums we’re learning play.

In maths we’re multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 1000. If a number is divided by 10 it moves one space to the right but if a number is multiplied by 10 it moves one space to the left.

Hi I’m Edward and my highlight of the week is my electric guitar lessons. At the moment we’ve been playing shotgun by George Ezra and I’ve been playing it with my friends Blake, Max and George.

Hello my name is Rafferty Osmond. My highlight of the week is reading my book. The book is about Winston Churchill {Our Prime Minister who led us to VICTORY in WW2}

Drums and Councillors!

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Samba Drums

This week in samba we practised on the Djembes.

We also played Pan Logo.

Samba is one of our favourite lessons.

We enjoy doing it every Wednesday.

We also chose our School Councillors this week, this year Panda Class will be represented by:

Gabriel  (year 5) and Faye  (year 4)