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A Wild Term!

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Firstly 2 class photos one serious the other a bit wild.



We have been lucky to have a training teacher student with us this term, Miss Luck who we sadly said goodbye to last week. During sports week we makes human line graphs and the year 5s made water rockets!

During arts week we have been doing embroidery and painting. We mixed paints to create secondary and tertiary colours and then investigated making ‘tint’, ‘tone’ and ‘shade’ by adding white, grey and black to our colours.

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Fun in the Sun!

We have been enjoying the sun. Here are some pictures of us sketching nature and working together in some fun team tasks!


No SPAG pages this week so ensure you are up to date on all that has been set so far.

Unfortunately, some children have not been keeping up to date with their Mathletics homework so some paper copies have been sent home and will be due this Friday.

Ensure you are reading at home every day – this is really important for fluency and comprehension.


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In science we have been learning about gravity and doing experiments with balls finding out which one would fall took us a very long time to find out which was the first one to fall. When we had a scrunched up ball of paper, a flat bit of paper with holes in and a plain piece of paper. It was ever so fun, in our books we had to do a lot of work but it was worth it. Last time we did science about the earth sun and moon it was good fun we all had to do a take home task it was really fun, i did a model and a fact file most people did a model, some people in the class did a PowerPoint, a fact file or a flip chart, it was as fun as beans. I think most people really enjoyed it but it was really fun I really want to do it again I doubt I will. Lucy

What an exciting week!

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On Monday, we compared maps of Winchester over time. We looked at pre-war, post-war and current day to see how Winchester has changed and predict as to whether people would have been evacuated to Winchester during WW2. We headed outside in the sunshine and made a human map of Winchester to help to understand where we are.

On Thursday, while the year 5s were swimming year 4 carried out a digestion experiment to simulate the digestive system, it was super gross and they loved it!

On Friday to round off our geometry week, we carried out an angles investigation to identify and measure different angles. We also looked for different  shapes, there were 42 triangles! We loved it.

Check out the pictures of our awesome week.


The space homework is looking great and we are looking forwards to sharing it with everyone. Thank you to all the families that have helped produce such a variety of pieces.

New this week:

Mathletics: shape

SPag: year 4 – p84, year 5 – 52-55

Panda Blog W/b 8.2.19

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Tuesday was Internet Safety Day so we had an assembly reminding us how to stay safe online, we have also designed information posters to help others – some will be selected for a in school competition for the best to then be shown around the school.

On Friday, Harry taught us a game called legs 11 which we loved. Jasmine and Harry won! Chloe has drafted her entry for The 500 Words Radio 2 competition and we would encourage everyone to have a go too! The deadline is Friday 8th March so a great activity to have a go at over half term!


Spellodrome – -shun word list (cian, sion, tion)

Mathletics – angles and triangles

SPaG – y4 pg. 96 (homophones)

Y5 pg. 82 & 94 (homophones & ible/able)