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Creative History Day

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On Wednesday 25th September, Panthers and Dolphins were lucky to have Trisha from Creative History. We learnt about burial objects, Runes, Being a Historian, Viking games, who’s in charge and their types of coins. For the burial objects in Panthers, the person lying on the table was Austin. We put things around him that he would need for the afterlife.  We also learnt about the burial objects that there has been 8 Viking ships found and 1 with a dragon’s head. We also did runes. Runes are the Viking alphabet. There is a 24 rune alphabet and a 16 rune alphabet, meaning that there are some English letters missing. The 16 letter alphabet is called FUTHORK. Straight lines were mostly carved with stone.  After that, we learnt about being a historian.  Did you know that archaeologists try to find at least 3 pieces of evidence before making a decision?  This is called a triangulation.  We drew objects, labelled some of the parts and made connections.  We also did Viking Games.  Some of these are called THREE MENS MORRIS, THREE MEN MERELLE AND THE BEAR AND THE HUNTER. Those are the ones we played.   We also learnt about who’s in charge.  They formed alliances and sometimes tricked each over. The power and the strength of a family could change very quickly.  Outlaws had to move away for 2 years.  In that time they weren’t allowed help from their village for 2 years. If the people in the other country didn’t know you were outlawed you could get help. If you survived for that 2 years you could go back. The coins showed who / what was important in the Viking times.

by Harry

Tri-golf, snow and lots more

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On Tuesday we had tri-golf .First, we had to chip the ball over the blue cones to get 5 points (If we hit the ball over then school fence we got -10 points!). Once we had practiced that, we then revised our putting skills. We had to putt the ball gently so it touched the inside half of a hoop. If we did this perfectly we got another 5 points. Finally, we then played a game using both skills and collected the points up to see which team won.

In our indoor PE lessons we have been doing athletics. This week we have focused on 3 different events. Those events were standing long jump, 40m shuttle runs and chest push (a throw using a netball). We could score between 1- 10 points depending on how fast we ran and the distance we could jump and throw.

Our snow day – Friday 1st February.

First, we did EMA and English as normal and then we got to choose whether we wanted to do some evacuee research, mindfulness colouring or wintery maths questions. Then in the afternoon we did the same but instead of research about evacuation Mrs Taft (our teacher) made a word search with all our names in. It was pretty hard.

In Celebration Assembly Panther class got the highest attendance for January (97.25%).


By Nikisha and Evelyn

First Week Back

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Our first week back at school! This week was health week and we took part in different types of activities linked to our health.

On Monday, Mrs Coopamootoo came in and spoke to us about her job at A&E and being a mental health nurse. She was telling us about different types of things that could cause mental health problems E.G stress, past events, trauma.

On Tuesday, we linked our keeping fit to our comprehension by reading a text and answering questions about keeping fit.

On Wednesday, we had a work shop about internet safety. We played multiple games about keeping safe, they included how safe is your passcode and we played a game were the lady who ran the workshop read out questions about what you do on the internet and  we decided if that’s so me, sometimes me or never me .

On Thursday, we had healthy eating workshop we played a game to guess how much sugar was in some food and drink products. We also learnt about fats and salts and about how much salt we should have a day (which was 10 little packets a day for our age group).On Thursday afternoon we had a session on first aid with Mrs Renno.

Christmas Time

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Friday 14 th December- we had our very first practice down at St. Barnabas church (we were all very excited) When we all arrived at the church we took our coats off and were called over, a class at a time to sort out where we were going to stand for the performance . Only 5 more days to go!!

In art, we have been going through different steps to make a print on a polystyrene tile. We had to make a simple design, then copy it on to a piece of tracing paper, after, we used a sharp pencil to press our design on to the polystyrene block.

In our PE lessons we have been playing a game called Huba Luba. The aim of the game is to try and get the other teams Huba Luba without getting caught. If you are caught you have to do a funny walk over to the prison and one of your team players has got to try and get you out without getting caught. In order to be released from prison one of your team players has to tag you and anyone else. To avoid being tagged again you have to do a funny walk back to your side of the pitch.

In our English lessons we have been focussing  on Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb . On Monday we wrote our introduction to our own newspaper report on this event.

Nikisha and Evelyn


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In the last two months we were mummifying an apple.  We put salt and bicarb on the apple and then we left it for two weeks. When we looked at them, mine was very black and some of the others were also black and smelly.
This month we have been multiplying a fraction by a fraction and Year 6’s have been dividing a fraction by a whole number.  Whilst the Year 6 did that, Year 5 divided thousands by tens and we did adding thousands with thousands. It was very difficult but it was also very fun.
This week in our art we have been making our own symbols and press printing them onto a piece of polystyrene.
 In PE we have been playing Huba Luba. To play Huba Luba, you should have one team on one half of the playground and the other team on the other half of the playground.  If the red team is in the  yellow teams base then one of them  can catch them if  yellow is on red then one of the reds  can catch one of the  yellows. In the game there are two hoops and your team has to try and get the red team’s hoop.  When you get the hoop you need to try and get it to your side. If you get caught then you need to go to prison.  The way out of prison is when one of your team tags you.
At the Christmas fayre there were so many toys and food.  It was cheap to buy things at the Christmas fayre.  We made an owl out of a pine cone, glue, cotton wool and googly eye`s. I really liked them a lot.
On Friday 14 December 2018, we were singing for Year 1 and 2 in the church.  We were going to the church at 9:15 and we left at 11:30.  When we were singing for the year 1 and year 2 it was easy and hard, but it was fun.
  Lessons are fun with MRS Barker and MRS Taft.
By Omar

Egyptians and much more!

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To start off our week we have been focusing on Howard Carter and Lord Canarvon and how they discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. We have been given many texts based on the discovery of Tutankhamun. However, in our English, we are using all of our research from Guided Reading, to create our very own newspaper report based on this discovery.

In PE we carried working on our circuit training.  We had different exercises to do .e.g. squats, tricep dips, shuttle runs, star jumps, push ups, burpees and a few rest stations along the way. Over the weeks, we have been increasing the time that we do the exercises for, we add on 30 more seconds every week.  WE think we are all getting fitter!

In our math lessons we have been focusing on a fraction times a fraction and each week we have got better and better at them. On Monday and Tuesday we learnt how to times fractions by a whole number. Then later on in the week we used our knowledge to draw diagrams to prove our answers.

During the Christmas Fair, the Year 6`s got the chance to be an elf in Santa’s grotto and help out on some of the stalls in the Christmas Fair.  Their costumes were all amazing and they all looked like real elves.