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Curriculum letter Year 5

Spring term 2018


We are Islanders.




Through “Boy” by Roald Dahl and “Coming to England” by Floella Benjamin, the children will be learning about autobiographies. The children will have the opportunity to write about an autobiographical account of past memory.

Another area we will be learning about is how to successfully write a balanced argument. The children will be researching information about tourism on St. Lucia and organising it into the positive and negative aspects before carrying out a class debate. They will then use this information to produce their final piece of writing.

Throughout the St. Lucia unit of work, we will be focusing on cultural stories.


The children will continue to learn maths through the mastery approach. We will begin the term with some lessons looking at multiplication and factor pairs (Y4) and fractions, decimals and percentages (Y5/6). We will continue to improve fluency, develop problem solving and reasoning within a range of contexts including measure.

Learning Journey Knowledge and Skills


Throughout this term the children will be using maps, atlases, books, photos and the internet to research the differences and similarities between the UK and the Caribbean – with specific reference to the island of St Lucia. Particular aspects that will be looked at include climate, land use, life style and trade.


The children will be learning about materials and their properties and how materials can be changed, including investigations that involve heating and cooling and looking at reversible and irreversible changes. During health week, the children will be learning about digestion (Y4) and the circulatory system (Y5/6), through investigative work. The children will also be learning about light this term and year 4 will be conducting some investigations into sound.


Once a week, Hampshire Music Service will be teaching the children how to play the keyboard. At the end of term the children will be performing what they have learnt in a mini concert.


We will be focusing on teaching the children a range of drawing skills to enhance their knowledge.

This term our topic is Bread making and the children will be designing and making bread fit for Zeus! The children will sample different breads and evaluate their own designs.


The children will be exploring Databases. Using 2Investigate software, children will create their own databases.


The children will be taking part in Tri-golf (outdoor) and Carnival Dance Sessions (indoor) which will be linked to our topic of St Lucia. In addition to these sessions, Year five will be attending swimming lessons at River Park Leisure Centre.

How you can help at home

Please continue to practise spellings regularly, even if your child no longer brings home a weekly spelling homework sheet. Using Spellodrome and Mathletics on a weekly basis will also support your child’s learning in these areas. Take time to enjoy books, by listening to your child to read to you and sharing stories together to build up the children’s repertoire.  The children are making good progress with their times tables, so please help them by practising.  We find that ‘little but often’ is usually the best approach.  Above all, take time to have a conversation with your child and discuss what they are learning about at school.

 Useful information and dates

Thurs 18th Jan Year 5 swimming starts

Wed 31st Jan Year 6 trip to London (Houses of Parliament)

Tues 6th Feb 5pm Yr 6 curriculum meeting for parents

Preparing for SATs 5.30pm Yr 6 School Journey meeting for parents

w/b 5th Mar Arts Week

Mon 5th to Fri 9th Mar Yr 6 school journey to Osmington Bay

Tues 6th Mar World Book Day – dress up as a book character

Fri 9th Mar Yr 5 trip to Southampton Art Gallery

Tues 20th Mar Yr R to 6 Parent –Teacher meetings  3.30pm – 7.00pm

Thurs 22nd Mar Yr R to 6 Parent –Teacher meetings 3.30pm – 5pm

Thurs 29th Mar Yr 5/6 Listen to me concert – keyboards

Curriculum letter Year 4

Spring term 2018

The Path of Man

Learning journey:



History:The children will  learn about life in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, a period covering a million years of history. As well as understanding the chronology of this fascinating time, children will learn about the food, homes, technology and art and how each of these areas developed and changed over time and how amazing developments occurred from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.



English will continue to have many links with the focus topic. The children will write a story based on their learning of their history topic. They will gradually build their narrative up making sure that they describe characters and settings, writing dialogue and considering how to solve a ‘problem’. They will also have opportunities to write a variety of non-fiction texts eg: instructions.

In guided reading children will be focusing on Clive Kings’ Stig of the Dump.


The children will be developing their understanding of mental methods for multiplication and division building up to using these skills with written methods.  They will be improving their fluency and reasoning skills across all four operations.

There will be many opportunities to keep building on new skills through the year and apply previously learnt ones, through questions in context. These will include problems related to money, measure and fractions. The children will continue to develop their fluency and speed with times tables and number bonds.


The focus of the children’s learning will be on sound. They will be discovering through active investigation:  vibrations and how sound travels, pitch and volume of instruments and consider how to reduce sounds.


This half term we will be experimenting with creating digital photography with the programme 2Photo. The children will learn to take photos, upload them and manipulate them to create new pictures. In addition to this the children will explore PowerPoint and how to use this as a way of presenting information in a ‘multimedia’ format.

Religious Education

This term our RE will look at the theme of remembering and resurrection. The theme of remembering will be explored through the Hindu festival Holi, where the children will look at ways in which Hindus remember how they value the celebrations and devotions paid to Vishnu and use this to think about how they remember events or people in their own lives.

The theme of resurrection will be investigated through the Christian symbol of the empty cross. The children will learn to explain the meaning of resurrection, how it is a symbol to Christians, evaluate its significance and explain their own understanding of it by applying to how it affects some peoples way of life.


Outdoor PE will be Tri golf where the children will be learning golfing concepts and skills through fun games and other areas; for example, maths, from scoring, literacy and citizenship

The children will also be playing netball, where they will continue to work on their skills for throwing, catching, marking and scoring.

Indoor PE will begin with gymnastics and using the wall bars and a variety of other equipment to create a routine. There will also be sport dance unit, which will continue to develop the skills of improvising and combining movement fluently and effectively to music.

PSHE & Citizenship

Ups and downs in relationships:

Children will have opportunities to: know that there are many different patterns of friendship; understand the meaning of friendship and loyalty; be able to be honest; know where to get help in school and through helplines when facing problems.

In Someone Else’s shoes:

The children will have opportunities to recognise their own and someone else’s feelings; recognise the views of their peers, parents, teachers and people of different faiths and cultures; understand that there are many social groups in society in terms of culture, religion, age; respect other people’s feelings, decisions, rights and bodies.


The children will be basing their artwork around their topic and using this to create mono-prints.

How you can help at home

Please continue to practise spellings regularly from the patterns sent home, including on Spellodrome.

Take time to enjoy books, by listening to them read to you and sharing stories together to build up the children’s repertoire.

The children are making good progress with their times tables, so please help them by practising.

We find that ‘little but often’ is usually the best approach.

Above all, take time to have a conversation with your child and discuss what they are learning about at school.

Useful information and dates

Please make sure children have named PE kits in all week. Tracksuit bottoms are ideal for the colder months.

Please ensure children have water bottles in every day.

Remember the Mental Health week will start the week of the 8th January 2018.