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Harestock’s ECO Council is a group of two members from each class (Years R-6) who represent their peers’ views to help raise awareness and support projects for the local and wider environment.  They meet regularly to discuss ideas and feed back to their own classes to get their ideas and opinions.

We are pleased to share our new Eco council representatives for 2020-21:

Dragonfly: Matthew and Evie

Ladybird: Bella and Ben

Owl:  Millie and Thomas R

Puffin: Emily and Daisie-Mae

Otter: Rory and Cleo

Panda: Ebba and Edward W

Panther: Lalya and Cadence

Dolphin: Niamh and Chloe W

The children will meet Mrs Brown every fortnight at the Eco council meeting, during a lunchtime, to discuss how to make a difference to our environment and what we can do. The children were given their Eco council badges to wear at the last meeting before Christmas. Congratulations on your achievement everyone!

Our Eco Council met for the first time on 19.11.20 to gather ideas of how to raise awareness to support local projects, protect animals in their environments, our local environment and the wider world.

We heard through the news about a project created by Mr Miley Porritt to make insulated liners for sleeping bags, in order to help keep homeless people warm during the cold winter months; he was once homeless himself and has created a company called ‘Ironman Survival blankets.’

It takes 150 crisp packets to create one insulated liner. So our mission was to collect as many as we could up until Christmas.

We encouraged the whole school to collect crisp packets to support this project. Over the next few weeks we collected and washed a grand total of 1650 crisp packets which was enough to make 11 insulated liners! WELL DONE HARESTOCK. That is fantastic!           These have all been posted to Mr Porritt.

I am proud to report that we have received the attached letter of gratitude and a photo showing how some of our crisp packets were made into a blanket insulator. Amazing!

Letter from Mr Porritt Picture of Blanket

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