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House Captains – 2017/2018

House Captains – 2016/2017









House Captains – 2015/2016

Alfred – Hattie and Sophiehouse captains oct 20152

Swithun – Dan and Aliciahouse captains oct 20154

Austen – Will and Abigailhouse captains oct 20153

Walker – Niya, Alex and Chrishouse captains oct 20151


The role of a House Captain

When you are a House captain you need to be very responsible and a good role model. Maths is very helpful when you’re a House captain as you have to be able to count up the points. You also have to be persuasive to your fellow house mates to make them get more points and not lose any! We count up the house points every 2 weeks on a Friday. Our first job was to try and sell poppy products to other members of the school and their relatives and after that we sold wristbands for children in need.

How we became House Captains

To become a House Captain you have to write a speech of why you would like to be one. After we wrote our speeches we had to read them out in front of our year 5/6 team mates. It was very nerve-racking having to read your speech out in front of an audience. After we read them out our team mates had a piece of paper that they had to write the names of the two people that they wanted to be their House Captains.Alfred house captains

We found out in the first celebration assembly of the new school year that we had been chosen!


How We Became House Captains

We are Katharine and Sumil and we are House Captains for Austen. We became House Captains because we made a speech that persuaded people we were  right for the job. Then all the year 5/6 Austen’s had to vote for the 2 people who they wanted to be House Captains for Austen.Austen house captains

The Roles That We Do

When you become a House Captain,one of the jobs that you have to do is counting house points from different classes then we add all the different scores up together. The house team that get the most house points win. On Fridays the House Captains give out stickers for Pupil of the Week and for Merits in assembly. However House Captains take turns to hand out stickers. We also monitor the computer and music in the hall.


How We Became House Captains

In order to become a house captain, we had to prepare a speech and then read it to the other children in Swithun house team. We were both really nervous and almost shaking to death. After the speeches were read, the other children in Swithun had to choose a boy and a girl to become their house captain. We were not told who they chose until the next day in the whole school assembly where Mrs Sankey announced who the new house captains were. Mrs Sankey also gave us our badges which we are proud to wear.Swithun house captains

The Role of a House Captain

Being a house captain is a very important role because you have to:

  • Count up the house points every fortnight on a Friday
  • Give out stickers and wristbands in celebration assembly
  • Get the hall ready for assemblies
  • Set up music for assemblies


How we became a house captain

We became House Captains by writing a speech. We were honest about why we decided to do this and said ‘we wanted to represent Walker’. It was hard but we had to persuade our team to vote for us as there were other candidates. We found out in the first celebration assembly of the new term that we had been elected and we were then given our badges.Walker house captains

Role as a House captains

As we are House Captains we have to collect house points every fortnight. We also have to go to certain meetings with the head teacher. On special accessions when there is something to celebrate we can help out by selling: poppies, wristbands and other accessories for children. We find this exhilarating. We set up celebration assembly and help give out well done stickers to children who receive a merit. Also, we give each pupil of the week a wristband saying ‘well done’ and give them stickers saying ‘merit award’.

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