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Harestock School Council 2019/20

Harestock’s School Council is a group of two members from each class (Years 1-6) who represent their peers’ views to make improvements to the school.  They meet regularly to discuss ideas and feed back to their own classes to get their ideas and opinions.

We are pleased to share our new school council representatives for 2019-20:

Ladybird: Carla and Ethan

Owl:  Emily and George

Puffin: Caius and Layla-Mai

Otter: Ebba and Harry

Koala: Ruby and Maisie

Panther: Willow and Jack

Dolphin: Tom and Stanley

The children were given their badges to wear on their school jumper in assembly today. The children will meet Miss Barrett every fortnight at the school council meeting, during a lunchtime, to discuss how to make the school an even better place and what we can do. Congratulations on your achievement everyone!

The school council met for the first time and chose the charities we will support for the next year. We found this very difficult as we would like to help all of the charities we considered but are sure we have made an excellent choice.

Our charities for 2019/20 are:

Local – Simon Says ( – A charity to support Hampshire children and young people up to the age of 18 years who have a significant person in their life who has died or is dying.)

National – The UK Sepsis Trust ( – who aim to educate about the sepsis infection in their ‘Schools Against Sepsis’ campaign.

International – Save The Children ( – who aim to ensure children in the UK and around the world are safe and healthy, supporting them to learn, grow and become who they want to be.

As a school we raise money throughout the year to support our three charities in conjunction with Friends of School events.


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