Y6 residential to Osmington Bay

Osmington Bay 2019

Day 4 ~

This morning started at a different pace, there was no banging and shouting at 6 am, in fact waking the children was a task in itself as they had all had a very solid nights sleep that they clearly didn’t want to end. The wind was very strong and luckily blew most of the rain clouds away. Jacobs ladder and archery were some activities. We seem to have some budding Robin Hoods amongst us. After this afternoons activities we have to get all the packing sorted then the eagerly awaited (by the children!!!) disco. A couple of hundred children, loud music what’s not to enjoy….we will be returning to Harestock with tired and dirty children. We hope to arrive back at between 3.30 pm and 4 pm depending on the traffic. I will send a message via the app to confirm. The school will also contact you if you don’t have the app. See you all tomorrow.


Day 3 ~ A day full of challenges and success

Day 3 started with breakfast and a bit of a weather warning of ‘potential rain, hail and possibly thunder…I write this blog throughout the day and so far we have had a few showers, gusty wind but no thunder or hail. Weather didn’t stop the activities of abseiling, orienteering or quad biking, it just made them a little more challenging! Thankfully the weather forecast was not quite correct, after a showery blustery morning, the afternoon was dry if a little windy. Jumping off high things was the order of the afternoon and a lot of children succeeded in completing ‘The Trapeze’. Tonight’s activity is ‘Passport around the World’ this involves touring the site looking for different flags and letters. We’ve reached the halfway point and so far both adults and children are all still smiling and full of energy. Lets see how that looks on Friday!

Day 2 ~ Sunshine and Showers

The day started with a little sunshine and no rain. After a breakfast of cereal, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast, we all headed off for our first activities. Over the week all three groups will do the same activities just in different orders. This morning was giant swing and zip wire for some and climbing and street surf for others. The groups doing the giant swing and zip wire had their first experience of being excited, scared and nervous all rolled into one! The children were amazing they all showed resilience, bravery and teamwork in overcoming their fears and completing the challenges. Street Surf and climbing gave a different sort of challenge to the children, perseverance and determination was needed to be successful in these activities and once again they showed they had both. We had a lively game of Ambush for our evening activity which has left the children tired out and ready for a good nights sleep. See you in the morning…

Day 1 ~ Settling In

We arrived after a fairly uneventful journey, persuading the children not to start on their goodies whilst we were still in Harestock proved to be the most difficult job. The children were all given their rooms and they were all happy with their room mates. Before¬†they had time to unpack they were given a tour of the site, seeing all the activities certainly whetted the children’s appetites for the coming few days. We had time to play some games with our group leader Daisy before dinner, which was sausages and mash or a vegetarian curry. All the children found something they enjoyed and all left dinner full up and raring to go for the evening activity, which is where we are heading now. Fingers crossed for a quiet night ahead!!!!!




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