Y6 residential to Osmington Bay

Osmington Bay 2018

Day 4 ~ Blue Skies

Blue skies and sunshine greeted us this morning. Along with bleary eyes and bed hair! That was all soon sorted and we went off for breakfast (bacon, beans, veg saus and scrambled egg) various activities this morning including climbing and survivor. This week has seen the children grow in confidence on so many levels. They’ve learned share their living spaces with other children , they’ve also realised that they can survive without any electrical devices and have fun being outdoors…tonight is the big excitement the DISCO ….but before that there’s the packing extravaganza. Sleeping bags to be stuffed into sacks, socks to be reunited with owners and many other stray items to be found and rehomed..all by 7.30am.…then it’s breakfast, a few activities then we will be homeward bound with 36 (hopefully..unless we forget a couple) very tired but confident and happy children….see you tomorrow


Day 3 ~ Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day today made more exciting by a visit from Mrs Sankey, Mrs Butler and Miss Egan. They arrived in the sunshine and met up with us while we were doing many different activities. Problem solving, zip wire and street surf along with trapeze. This week so far all the children have pushed themselves to try something new…whether this be heights, teamwork or even jacket potatoes….! And they have certainly embraced the can do attitude. Watching them grown in independence and confidence is always a wonderful thing to witness and never ceases to make us proud of our Harestock values. They’re currently playing team games before showers and bed. The lasagne and meatballs for tea were a hit and many clean plates were to be seen. Hopefully an early to sleep night tonight…based on the stashes of contraband in each room dwindling and bin levels of sweet wrappers rising they surely must nearly be out by now! I know our emergency chocolate stash is getting to a critical level and panic is rising especially as it’s the disco tomorrow and we’ll certainly need a sugar rush for a 300 child strong disco…ear defenders at the ready for that one. All in all a great week so far, long may it last.

Day 2 ~ A full day of activities

After a relatively uneventful night, it was a pleasure to wake the children at 7am.…the late night and early morning certainly hadn’t dampened their enthusiasm or appetites….cereal, porridge, fresh fruit, toast, bacon were on the menu everyone, including the adults fuelled up ready for the day ahead….Aeroball, Absailing, Quad Biking and Archery were today’s activities…we found a few budding Robin Hoods and Milk Tray men amongst us. Lunch was jacket potatoes with tuna, cheese or beans, salad selection and chilli and rice along with bread and soup. Tonight’s activity is Ambush which will hopefully result in 36 tired children who will be ready for a good night’s sleep…here’s hoping!!


Day 1 ~ the journey

We arrived safe and well in the middle of a torrential downpour. A mad scramble to unload the bus and a route march got us to our brand new accommodation. Before I start the nightly blog, I think I need to add a little disclaimer about the possibility of the odd grammatical error or spelling mistake as the blog is usually written in the small hours! All the children were happy with their room mates and are currently unpacking. We’ve had tea a choice of sausages, pie, mash, veg and a veggie curry along with a salad bar and fruit…we then had a tour of the site, thankfully it had stopped raining and we could see the lights of the ships on the sea and the whole of Portland our group leader Ben told the children it was France and quite a few of them will leave believing that to be the case. So we are just about to head of for our evening activity which is Passport to the World…we need waterproofs and torches….then it will be showers and bed and hopefully a good night’s sleep for all….I’ll let you know tomorrow!!!


Osmington Bay 2017

Day 4 ~ What a difference a day makes!!

What a difference 24 hours makes! Glorious sunshine today, although the ground was still very slippy (ask Mrs Butler about that…) Sensory Trail was one of the activities today and the groups did a variety of other fun things. For those who hadn’t already done it there was trapeze, abseiling and team games. Packing begins after tea, its going to be a little bit of a rush. We have tea at 5.25pm our shop slot is at 6pm and the disco starts at 7pm, so amongst that lot we need to somehow pack. The routine tomorrow will be a challenge. Our breakfast slot is at 7.50am, however before breakfast we have to, strip the beds putting it all in a pillow case, move all the cases to specified rooms then walk to the laundry, deposit out washing and be lined up at 7.45am for our slot…phew I’m  worn out just thinking about it. Wake up time will be 6.30am for the kids tomorrow, wish us luck with that. We will do 2 activities in the morning, have lunch then leave for home. School will send a text letting you know our ETA, and we will deliver your tired, muddy but extremely proud and confident children back home. The children have once again been a credit to you and Harestock. Thank you to the staff who make this experience possible, for the children, without them trips like these simply couldn’t happen. We as staff really enjoy watching the children flourish, gaining new skills and confidence to attempt things they thought were beyond their capabilities. Each year on packing day we say ‘never again’ by the time we’re on the bus home, we’re already planning next years trip. Safe to say, everyone adults included have had a blast…see you tomorrow.


Day 3 ~ Glastonbury!!!

I’m going to start this instalment with an apology. Your children will be bringing home some extremely muddy clothes, we’ll see how good the claims of a certain washing powder actually are. So for that we apologise. We had a little bit of rain overnight (torrential deluge!) Which left the site slightly muddy to say the least. The 1st unofficial activity of mud sliding produced some unique styles of moving around the site. Our official activities were zip wire, giant swing and trapeze  (like leap of faith) these activities are difficult and scary with blue skies and sunshine but in wind and rain it makes things a whole lot more daunting. Once again our children were incredible in the way they took on the challenges and overcame fears. For some children this was leaping off a telegraph pole, for others it was climbing to the top of a ladder and for some it’s being away from home. We are proud of each and every one of them and you should be too. So off on our evening adventure now real life Cludo…another update tomorrow hopefully from a drier Osmington Bay.

Day 2 ~ the real adventure begins…

So the first full day of adventuring, fuelled by cereal, bacon, scrambled egg and toast the intrepid Harestockians ventured out into sunshine…a variety of challenges awaited them. Quad biking, Archery and Giant Swing to name a few. It got a little bit chilly towards lunchtime  (jacket potato with a choice of toppings) and a fair few gloves and hats were worn. First Aid and Climbing were conquered. All the children are meeting new challenges head on with resilience and a ‘can do’ attitude which is fantastic to see. This evening is ‘Ambush’ and then room inspection, lets see if they meet our exacting standards for cleanliness and odour control….and the a full nights sleep  (!!!!!) Ready for another full on day tomorrow.

Day 1 ~ the journey

After a very successful journey down (no sick bowls deployed) we arrived at a gloriously sunny Osmington Bay. The children were given their rooms and activity groups and took a tour of the site. We are off to dinner at 17.35 for a choice of curry or toad in the hole with a mix of veg and potatoes. Then it’ll be back to our room to finish unpacking then at 7pm we will go to our evening activity which this evening is ‘Passport around the World’ lets see what that entails. Then it’ll be showers and bed…lights out and a full nights sleep!!!!!! Ready for our 1st full days adventure tomorrow, we are all full of energy and raring to go….we’ll see how those levels are doing throughout the week!!!





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