Y6 residential to Osmington Bay

Osmington Bay 2020

Day 4 ~ Torrential rain but still happy!!

Oh my goodness! We were definitely challenged today. We woke up to rain, not normal rain, torrential rain. The type of rain that gets you on the way down, bounces off the floor and gets you again on the way back up! Our activities of, Orienteering, Trapeze, Climbing, Quad Biking and Sensory Trail (all outdoor activities) were great fun. We as staff have been so impressed with the way the children have just ‘got on’ with the activities without complaining about the weather. Tonight’s evening activity was the eagerly awaited disco, they all looked very smart in their disco finery, and enjoyed the music and dancing. Just packing to go now. We have two activities in the morning, lunch and then we will be on our way home with 33 tired (but slightly hyper) bedraggled, (but happy) accomplished and proud children. We hope, that as you are filling the washing machine with muddy wet clothes this weekend they will be telling you all about the great things they have seen and done this week. It’s certainly been a joy for us as staff. We will put a message on the app and also phone school to inform you of our ETA tomorrow. See you then.

Day 3 ~ Wet and windy but still great fun!

This morning’s wake up call was again at 6.30am. We opened the curtains to be greeted by rain. The beautiful blue skies and view of the sea from yesterday was hidden by a cloud of mist and rain. It dampened lots of things but not the spirits of the children who still threw themselves into the activities. The Giant Swing, Jacobs Ladder and Aeroball are all still great fun in the rain as we found out! Fencing indoors gave us all an opportunity to dry off and warm up. Once again there has been plenty of food, some of today’s choices included sausages, beans, baguettes with a choice of fillings, pork, cannelloni and chicken curry, with a lovely lemon drizzle cake for dessert. The rain has now stopped, just in time for our evening activity which tonight is ‘Passport to the World’ Once again the children have been incredible and showed resilience and determination in all the challenges they have faced. Let’s hope for better weather tomorrow….

Day 2 ~ A great day had by all

What a great day. The weather has been amazing. The day started at 6.30am when we had an interesting time rousing the children ready for our 7.40am breakfast slot. A few bleary eyes were seen (and that was just the staff) After fueling up on bacon, cereal, porridge or toast. We split into our groups and headed off to our activities. The children were certainly challenged with abseiling and zip wire. We were very impressed that every single child succeeded to complete the zip wire. Street Surfing and Problem Solving brought out the natural leaders and lateral thinkers. Safe to say everyone has had a great day and stayed dry. Currently the children are in their rooms showering and getting their rooms ready for the nightly ‘Room Inspection’ with points being earned for cleanliness and thoughtful deeds throughout the day. We have another early start and full on day tomorrow, fingers crossed for good weather.

Day 1 ~ Settling In

We arrived at Osmington Bay to glorious sunshine, and were met by our Group Leader for the week a lovely chap named Chris. We were taken to our accommodation and given the names of our room mates. Everybody seemed happy with their roommates and settled in well. We had a tour of the site and then it was time for tea. A choice of sausages, veggie sausages, chicken, vegetarian roast, veggies, mash¬†potatoes and a salad bar meant that everybody found something that they enjoyed. We went off to our evening activity which was called ‘Splash’ we had to build a protective cover for a water balloon which was then dropped from a height and we had to see which survived…a couple survived the initial drop, but in the end they all burst. Our activities tomorrow are zip wire, abseiling, street surf and problem solving. We found out that our breakfast slot is at 7.40am, which means we have to leave our accommodation at 7.25am which means we have to get up REALLY¬†early…so here’s hoping everybody has a good night’s sleep and is raring to go at 6.30am when we wake them all up!




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