Year 1/2

Year 1 and Year 2 Curriculum Letter

How On ‘Earth’ Do We Get There?






  • narrative writing, Three Little Pigs
  • narrative writing, Traction Man
  • oral storytelling with actions
  • instructions, how to make a model car
  • narrative writing, QPootle5


  • place value
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • money
  • problem solving

Learning Journey Knowledge and Skills


  • comparing past and present (cars and planes)
  • famous people (Henry Ford, Wright Brothers and Neil Armstrong)
  • sequencing images (cars and planes)
  • famous events from the past (the moon landing)


  • naming materials
  • describing properties of materials
  • sorting materials
  • identifying materials in the world around us
  • problem solving
  • research about planets in the solar system


  • clapping rhythms
  • identifying instruments
  • playing percussion instruments
  • sort instruments
  • syllables and tempo
  • vocal techniques, changing pitch

Design Technology

  • design a vehicle
  • investigate axles
  • combine materials to make a vehicle
  • evaluate vehicle


  • control a programmable toy (Beebot)
  • input instructions one at a time
  • input a sequence of instructions (algorithm)
  • evaluate and de-bug algorithm


  • sending and receiving skills in invasion games
  • explore shape, space and balance in gymnastics
  • create a sequence of movements to music in dance

How you can help at home

Daily reading is best even if it is only a couple of pages.  Alongside this daily reading of key words is crucial to children’s development of reading.  Once key words for reading have been achieved the focus then needs to shift to asking comprehension questions.  These include finding information within the text and asking inference questions, for example how is the character feeling, or why are they doing something.  Please practise getting dressed and undressed independently, paying particular attention to turning their clothes in the right way to enable them to get dressed independently before and after PE lessons.  Finally don’t forget to take time to have a conversation with your child and discuss what they are learning about at school.

Useful information and dates

Take Home Task  15th November 2018 details to follow

INSET Friday 12th October


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