Year 1/2

Autumn Term 2017

Go Wild Take Home Task Letter

Year 1 and Year 2 curriculum letter Autumn term 2017 Go Wild!





The topic begins with continuing our use of Pie Corbett (Talk for Writing) strategies to orally rehearse, retell and innovate the narrative We’re Going on a Lion Hunt.  These skills will then be transferred to another narrative, Handa’s Surprise, enabling the children to build up their repertoire of plot structures.  We will then be learning about the differences between captions and labels as well as writing lists about what you would take on safari.  Finally, once the children have gained enough knowledge about the subject, they will be writing information texts about African animals.


The children will be starting the year with a series of investigations using and applying skills learnt in the previous year.  Place value will be a strong focus for the term moving into addition and subtraction.  Within both of these areas the children will become increasingly familiar with a wide range of resources, both concrete and pictorial, to support their understanding.  Weekly number bonds tests and where applicable times tables challenge will begin shortly after the start of term.

Learning Journey Knowledge and Skills


The topic will start by using a range of maps and atlases to locate where Africa is within the world.  The children will be using geographical language to describe a variety of locations.  The main focus of the topic is the animals to be found within Africa, in particular on the savannah.  They will be learning about the landscapes, weather, people and culture of the continent.  Contrasts will be made between the UK and Africa.


The focus of the children’s learning will be on animals, linked to the geography.  They will have opportunities to sort and classify animals, looking at food chains and survival needs.


The children will be focusing on aspects of singing, playing, improvising composing and listening within this unit.  The songs that they will be learning are about Autumn and harvest.  They will be learning to sing with clearly articulated words and keep to a steady rhythm.  As part of our topic celebration we will be learning an African welcome song to share with you at Take Home Task assembly.


In art the children will be creating animal masks using paper and paste.  They will be perfecting skills of layering and smoothing out creases, as well as painting.


The children will be developing their keyboard skills, becoming more familiar with the layout of the keys.  Later in the term they will have an opportunity to work collaboratively on an adventure simulation, requiring problem solving.


The children will be learning to move in the style of a range of African animals in the style of the Circle of Life from The Lion King.  This will form part of the ‘Take Home task’ assembly

How you can help at home

Daily reading is best even if it is only a couple of pages.  Alongside this daily reading of key words is crucial to children’s development of reading.  Once key words for reading have been achieved the focus then needs to shift to asking comprehension questions.  These include finding information within the text and asking inference questions, for example how is the character feeling, or why are they doing something.  Please practise getting dressed and undressed independently, paying particular attention to turning their clothes in the right way to enable them to get dressed quickly before and after PE lessons.  Finally don’t forget to take time to have a conversation with your child and discuss what they are learning about at school.

Useful information and dates

Take Home Task – Tuesday 7th November 2017, details to be confirmed.


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