Puffin, Koala & Otter Classes

Puffin, Otter and Koala classes

Curriculum Letter

Autumn 1st half 2019

 Topic title: How do we relate to our environment?

This half term we are delving into a big question as a lead for our learning journey. It will filter through most of our subjects and be touched on from a variety of directions.

Science – Plants

  • functions of different parts of a flowering plant
  • exploring what plants need to live or grow
  • investigating the way in which water is transported through plants
  • pollination
  • seed formation and dispersal
  • There will lots of opportunity to work scientifically and develop investigation skills.


  • Narrative descriptions – dragon and setting
  • Instructions – dragonfruit crumble
  • Explanation – how to keep your dragon a secret
  • Alternative ending to a narrative
  • Exaggerated sentence work – broadening vocabulary


  • Place value – understanding the value of each digit
  • Addition and subtraction including money and measurements
  • Multiplication and division – context of measure, are and shape
  • Fractions – equivalent fractions and fractions of sets of objects
  • Times tables test – continuing weekly

Computing – Adventure simulation

  • controlling choices
  • problem solving
  • understanding the consequences
  • navigating software

Religious Education

  • concept of being special
  • Krishna – Who is he? How is he special?


Outdoor: ball skills related to hockey, basketball and netball

Indoor: gymnastics – responding to music

PSHE & Citizenship

  • Recognise feelings in themselves and others
  • Express feelings in different ways
  • Recognise that their actions affect themselves and others

Design Technology – Food technology

  • Understanding about healthy eating
  • Evaluate ingredients and justify choices
  • Design a recipe
  • Cut and prepare foods safely
  • Understand the importance of hygiene in food preparation
  • Review end product

How you can help at home

Please continue to practise spellings regularly on Spellodrome. Ensure that your child has completed sufficient practise on their current spelling list before moving onto Live Spellodrome.

Take time to enjoy books, by listening to them read to you and sharing stories together to build up the children’s repertoire.

Year 3 and 4 – Please continue to facilitate the children completing SPAG pages in a timely manner.

Above all, take time to have a conversation with your child and discuss what they are learning about at school.

 Useful information and dates

Please make sure children have named PE kits in all week.

Please ensure children have a suitable reusable plastic drinking bottle, named, that they can keep in school. They will now be taking these into the lunch hall with them in order to reduce our plastic cup usage.


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