Dolphin & Panther Classes

Panda class, Dolphin class & Panther class

Summer 2019

Blend in or Stand Out?


Book Study The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

  • Character description writing
  • Book and film comparisons
  • Explanation writing
  • Persuasive writing
  • Narrative
  • Poetry


The children will continue to learn maths through the mastery approach. We will continue to improve fluency, develop problem solving and reasoning within a range of contexts including measure.

Learning Journey Knowledge and Skills


In science the children will be learning all about different effects of air resistance, up-thrust and gravity through practical investigations and problems.

The children will also explore the scientific relationships between the Earth, sun and Moon and the effects they have on our lives.

As the term progresses the children will learn about plant life processes such as growth, photosynthesis, pollination and seed dispersal. The children will also be finding out about life processes related to humans.

As well as this the children will be looking at the links between plants and animals in food webs and food chains.


Once a week, Hampshire Music Service will be teaching the children how to play the clarinet. At the end of term the children will be performing what they have learnt in a mini concert.


Painting skills – watercolours and land/seascapes

Design Technology
Embroidery techniques and applying this to a piece of applique based on the plant still life.


Filming using the Green screen


The children will be taking part in Kwik Cricket and Rounders (outdoor); circuit training to improve general fitness (indoor). Year 4 children will take part in swimming lessons once a week.


Exploring the concept of stewardship – creation stories within different religions and cultures



Looking after the world

Transition and Managing Change

It’s my body

How you can help at home

Children will continue to be set weekly Mathletics and Spellodrome homework as well as pages from their Spelling Punctuation and Grammar books. ALL children are expected to read daily and to continue to learn and practise their times tables. As always we thank you for your continued support with this.


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