Ofsted Report

Ofsted inspects and regulates all educational establishments in order to achieve excellence in the care of children and young people, and in education and skills for learners of all ages.

OFSTED Report following inspection 30th January 2018

Highlights taken from the report are as follows:

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You have created a culture in which all children feel valued and cared for.

You have improved teaching by providing effective support for your staff. As a result, pupils across the school make good progress in their learning.

You and your governors have an ambitious vision for ‘pupils to become confident and motivated; enabling all to reach their full potential as responsible citizens skilled for the 21st Century’. Your meticulous approach to identifying the school’s development priorities has ensured that new strategies have been implemented effectively.

Teachers plan lessons effectively in mathematics to challenge and deepen pupils’ learning. The majority of pupils now make at least the rate of progress that the school expects. The proportion of pupils across the school attaining the expected standard in mathematics is increasing.

Safeguarding arrangements are highly effective. Pupils feel safe and are happy in the school. Parents and carers are satisfied with how the school cares for their children.

Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. Pupils are supervised carefully during breaks, when they play together sensibly and safely.

Leaders work effectively with external agencies to keep children safe. Governors monitor safeguarding arrangements robustly to ensure that the correct procedures are being followed.

Teachers’ knowledge and skills have improved through high-quality training. This has improved their teaching, particularly in mathematics.

Teachers use questioning to probe learning and check pupils’ understanding effectively. They model how to use different strategies well, which helps pupils to apply their knowledge more effectively in different contexts.

Teaching is adapted to address gaps in pupils’ understanding and to provide additional challenge to move learning on. Teachers revisit the new vocabulary introduced in lessons to ensure that pupils know what it means. Learning support assistants are proactive in supporting pupils who need help to improve.

Leaders and governors monitor the progress of disadvantaged pupils rigorously. This enables them to identify quickly any pupil who is at risk of falling behind and take swift action to address this. The impact of support given to pupils is now tracked more closely and is accelerating their progress.

Progress and attainment in mathematics are improving across the school. Pupils reason well and provide clear explanations of their answers. Teachers plan more opportunities for pupils to apply their mathematical knowledge and practise their skills through problem solving.

The school’s values are embedded into the curriculum and make a strong contribution to pupils’ personal development and well-being.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development opportunities are promoted effectively through the curriculum.

The current and previous report can be found at the following link:


If you have any queries or comments regarding the Ofsted report, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Sankey for further clarification.

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