Headteacher: Mrs Jackie Sankey

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Alex Jacques

SENCO: Mrs Jo Clements

 Senior Admin Officer: Mrs Debbie Forrester

Finance Officer: Mrs Elizabeth Burville

Senior Admin Assistant: Mrs Alex Green

Welfare Assistant: Mrs Sue Batsford

Year Group Class  Teacher LSA
YR Dragonfly Class Miss Lauren Saunders

(EYFS Leader)

/ Mrs Hannah Osmond

Mrs Anne Marklew
YR/1 Ladybird Class Mrs Diane Brown Mrs Heather Smith
Y1/2 Owl Class Mrs Nicki Butler

(Year Leader)

Mrs Wendy Collins / Mr James Edwards
Y1/2 Woodpecker Class Mrs Kate Rickman (Maternity) Mrs Louise Chapman/ Mrs Alex Jacques Mrs Margery Kite


Y3/4 Otter Class Mrs Mary Bannister

(Year Leader)/

Mrs Becky Somerset

Mrs Katrina Sheehan


Y3/4 Koala Class Mr Matthew Boyd-Wallis Mrs Sarah Garabette
Y4/5 Panda Class Miss Rebecca Barrett Mrs Vickie Pearce
Y5/6 Panther Class Mrs Beckie Taft

(Year Leader)

Mrs Karen Barker
Y5/6 Dolphin Class Miss Gaby Carter Mrs Catherine Kent

Junior Maths Teacher: Mrs Natasha Harvey

French Teacher: Mme Teresa Hull

 SNAs    Mrs Wendy Francis; Mr James Burner; Mrs Katja Knights

Child & Family Development Officer (to include Service Families Pupil Support Worker): Mrs Celia Bailey – if you would like to know more about Mrs Bailey’s role, please click here

ELSA:   Mrs Catherine Kent

Counsellor: Mr James Burner

 After School Club:  Mrs Heather Smith / Mrs Wendy Francis / Mr James Burner/ Mrs Vickie Pearce / Mrs Wendy Collins

Breakfast Club:  Mrs Wendy Collins / Mrs Vickie Pearce / Mrs Sarah Banfield

School Caretaker: Mr Sean Ryan

Cleaners:  Contracted to Two Counties Cleaning Company

School Cook: Mrs Sarah Banfield

Kitchen Assistant: Ms Bonnie Young

 Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant: Mrs Vickie Pearce

 Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants: Mrs Karen Barker;  Mr James Burner; Mrs Sarah Garabette; Mrs Val Coleman;    Mrs Georgina Hayes; Mrs Claire Prior: Mrs Maria Fitzsimons, Mr James Edwards

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