School council mission statement

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Our role as school council, is to take pupils’ opinions and give them a voice to change the future for the better.

Hello and Welcome! 15.9.17

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Hello and Welcome! 15.9.17

Welcome to our new Reception cohort and congratulations on your first week at school! We have had a fun filled week where all the Ladybird and Dragonfly Reception children have enjoyed exploring their new classroom and outside spaces, making friends and getting stuck into a variety of activities.  We have been learning about the different areas in the classroom and where all the resources can be found. The children have been on a walk around the school and popped into some classrooms and the office to say hello as they learn their way around the school. They have enjoyed digging in our vegetable patch and planting some leek plants, testing out their skills on the scooters and bikes and exploring the sand pit, mud kitchen and play house.

The children are learning, and becoming familiar with, the routines of the day; how to self-register in the morning and choose their lunch, where to take the register to the office, how to navigate the lunch hall and collecting all their things ready to go home again at the end of the day! In between all these they have been enjoying Discovery Time, making friends and getting to know their new class mates.


Greek Day

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Greek activity day

On Wednesday 13th of September band 5 had the privilege of taking part in an ancient Greek activity day. They were involved in a variety of educational activities.

In the morning we were looking at ancient artefacts and drawing them. Each time a new artefact was brought out we had to guess what it was and what it was used for. Then we drew Daphne [who was an ancient Greek women that was teaching us for the day] and labelled her clothes on our pictures. She taught us about loads of cool things: like which era in time they lived and what it was like.

After play we reassembled old Greek pottery using masking tape [it was really HARD!]. We had about half an hour to put the pottery back together but most of us didn’t manage too. After the 30 minutes we switched to the second activity which was dressing each other up in ancient Greek clothes, I thought they looked really cool, .Ancient Greeks only had rectangular shaped cloth for clothes as it was easier to make.

Once lunched had finished we were back in pour own classrooms as we are panthers we varied between four different Greek games. The first game our group played was a game called marbles [which is a bit like a game called jacks] you had to flick a clay marble into a smaller circle in the centre of where we were sitting . Another of our favourite gams was a game called knuckle bones were you you put small part of a sheep’s bone [don’t worry most of them were plastic] on the end of your finger and flick them up and catch them.

Over all we enjoyed this day very much and hope we could do something like it in the future.

By Mae and Callum

Roald Dahl Day by Ophelia

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Roald Dahl Day

On Wednesday 13th September it was Roald Dahl day.  Everyone was allowed to dress up in costumes that were either a Roald Dahl character or something to do with him as an author.  There were lots of Fantastic Mr Fox costumes.  It was amazing!  I had my face painted bright purple as I was dressed as the character Violet Beauregarde form Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It was horrible wearing the face paint all day.

By Ophelia

Roald Dahl and Greek Day by Keelin

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Roald Dahl Day

The whole school dressed up as one of Roald Dahl’s characters from any of his books.. The costumes made the school look very bright and colourful.  Even some of the adults dressed up!  Also on that day Band 5 had an Ancients Greeks activity day where a lady called Daphne, dressed in Greek clothes, came and worked with us.  We made pots out of broken pieces, dressed up, looked at lots of old artefacts and played Greek games.  One of them was called Sacred Space (Five lines) and this was my favourite as we had to be very tactical.  We made notes in little booklets called History Diaries.

By Keelin

Roald Dahl and Greek day by Bishwa

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This week, on Wednesday 13th was Roald Dahl day so we could dress as a character from a Roald Dahl book.  It was also Greek Day, a lady called Daphne (her character name), told us all about the Ancient Greeks.  She was dress in traditional Ancient Greeks style costume, which we also had a go at making and wearing – chiton and himation.  Other activities we did included: being and archaeologist by trying to piece together bits of broken pot, play and make games such as marbles, Five Lines and 3 Men’s Merelles. It was a brilliant day.

By Bishwa

Class Blog by Leanne

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This week was our first week in Panther Class and it has been very enjoyable. We have learnt lots and played lots of fun games.  We now know all of the people in our class and have started joining in with each other [even if they are not our friends]. Our first lesson of art was amazing.  Our art work was based on the work of Julian Opie portraits.  We had to draw and outline of our faces and just the noticeable features eg our pupils, nostrils and edges of our lips We also coloured them in using oil pastels. Finding our skin and hair colour was hard because we had to blend colours and we had to find the correct colour to match. We have enjoyed the first week and hope to have another good week next week.

By Leanne