Health Week – Diary

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Dear diary

Hear this! This week it’s Health Week at school. This means some of our lessons are cut off, cool right! This morning was really interesting; Mr Gosling came to school to talk to us. He said He’s an Environmental Health and Safety officer. I was amazed and intrigued by all the different parts to his job – food hygiene, disease, public health and safety [including Boom Town and other festivals]-amazingly. Did you know? If you don’t wash your hands properly the bacteria could grow into a large group. In factories, mice sometimes hide in bread, you will not notice until you cut open your bread. Mr Gosling told us to hum ‘happy birthday’ when you wash your hands.  In England it is not legal to show your food hygiene rating in restaurants, so if they do not show it, do not go in!  If you carry a baby or puppy, afterwards you must wash your hands to try to not spread germs to other people in your household.

See you tomorrow,

Yours sincerely,


Dear Diary,

Today we were introduced to Kevin Gosling. He was telling us that he is an Environmental Health and Safety Officer. I was speechless when it came to all the different things his job includes such as: infectious diseases, stomach bugs, food poising, viral infections and protozoa. He also told us that when you wash your hands you should always sing Happy Birthday twice (it’s a fact that was discovered by scientists). Who knew! He warned us that if there is a restaurant that you want to go in, but it doesn’t show its rating it’s not worth visiting.

Sorry, but I’ve got to go now.


By Isla


Health Week – Diary

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Tuesday 9th January 2018

Dear Diary,

This morning we had a visitor called Mrs Coopamootoo who was a Mental Health Nurse. She told us lots of interesting information about her job, for example one in four people experience a mental health issue every year. I was shocked when she told us this and that she had to train for three years in general nursing and then one and a half years in mental health nursing to actually be qualified to be a mental health nurse.

The best part of the day was seeing Mrs Seagar (Mae’s mum) and touching the contact lenses. They were very sticky and reminded me of jelly. I however didn’t get to touch them wet but it was a little wet when it got to me. Maes mum also brought two mini figures called the eye men and they even had names such as Isac and Iris.  The figures were used to demonstrate to adults and children how to put contact lenses in.

Mrs Seagar also brought in pictures of damaged eyes –not healthy eyes to show what she has seen and how our eyes should not look-. I thought the pictures were better than yesterday’s, like the rat droppings on the store shelf, but they were still disgusting.

I found out some new very interesting information out, for example that chameleons con only see things flat unlike us were we can see objects 3D, and now I hope I can find more out about eyes and how they work.

By Holly

Dear Diary,

This morning, my class went to an assembly after maths and because it’s ‘Health Week,’ a lady called Mrs Coopamootoo took over the assembly. She was a psychiatric nurse and explained about some people who suffer from mental illnesses. I was absolutely shocked as to how much problems mental illnesses can cause which stops people from leading normal lives.

To be honest I felt quite pitiful with the fact that humans worldwide have to suffer like that and being mistreated when they are human too. Mrs Coopamootoo also talked of what happens when you have a mental illness: trauma, depression, anxiety etc. She also talked through some of the mental illnesses such as phobias, anorexia and many more.

Then later on in the afternoon, my class went to another assembly, this time a different lady visited named Mrs Seager. She talked about eye health and explained the different parts of the eye such as the cornea. I was amazed when she said a bee has 5 eyes. Can you believe that!

After the assembly, Mrs Seager came to my class and showed us a special dye -which is put onto contact lenses- under UV light. I thought it was fascinating as it looked magnificent! I even felt a contact lens for the first time! It felt as if it was jelly because it was a bit slimy and squishy. It was also a transparent colour which I thought was cool. I have to say goodbye now, I’ll be back soon!


Health Week – Diary

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Monday 8th Jan 2018

Dear Diary,

Guess what? This week is Health week! We got to learn about things like bacteria in an assembly we had earlier with Ella Gosling’s dad, Kevin Gosling. But guess what else? The assembly we had taken up maths time, meaning we had only 40 minutes not an hour.

During the assembly Mr. Gosling explained to us how he’s an ‘Environmental Health and Safety Officer.’ I was confused- or disgusted I should say- when I saw a picture of a rat in a burger (it seems David Wallium’s book has become real!) He talked to us about the importance of singing happy birthday song twice when washing your hands. There was also a picture of a rat living in some bread!


See you later,


P.S. I wonder who will come into school next?

Health Week

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Panda Class have had an amazing health week! On Monday, Mr Gosling, who is an environmental health officer, spoke to us about food ratings and the importance of hygiene. We also enjoyed our visit from SCARF and our lesson on the life bus, including watching how Derek, Kiki and Harold managed tricky situations at Diversity World and on the imaginary planet ‘Conformatron.’ On Thursday we learnt all about the sugar content of different popular drinks. We learnt that even low sugar drinks can be bad for us because of the other chemicals they contain and that one can of coke contains 10 cubes of sugar! Panda class are keen to drink healthier drinks such as water, milk and home-made orange juice instead of the really sugary kinds! One of the trickiest part of the week was taking part in Joe Wicks School Workout. We worked hard to do exercises such as squats, a rope-climb-action, a mountain-climb action and sprinting on the spot.

Health Week

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Health & Well Being Week

Koalas have had a very interesting and full first week back at school, learning about their bodies and how to look after them, the importance of Mental Wealth and the need to think about what we do and put into our bodies every day.

At the start of the week we looked at general hygiene. Understanding the need to wash our bodies, clothes, hands and teeth regularly, learning how to wash our hands correctly and not missing areas that are generally looked over. Thinking about why we need to wash our hands after we have been to the toilet, sneezed, coughed or been outside playing. Plus why we should wash our bodies and certain areas every day morning and evening, especially after exercise and why we should put clean underwear and sock on every day and cleaning clothes to prevent a build up of bacteria on and around our bodies.

Later we discovered how special our eyes are and how we need to look after them and how much more they can tell medical professionals about our overall health and well being. How by looking at the back of the eye (retina), doctors can tell whether we have high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes as well as whether we have a problem with our eye sight.

Exercise become a focus and the children came to realise just how often they/we should exercise and why we need to take regular exercise, activities as simple as walking to and from school, walking the dog, riding their bikes and participating in sports at school. Koalas started their Tri Golf teaching this week, learning about putting and the challenges they would see on a golf course. After this 6 week course a selected group of children will have the opportunity to play in a local tournament in Winchester, which last year we won.

We also started running and jogging our Golden mile around school, which we will continue throughout the year, with the children improving their aerobic fitness and stamina with a run/jog at their own pace around the school grounds. Finally they were given the opportunity to take part in Joe Wicks circuit training, which they all found challenging yet very enjoyable, I wasn’t going to not step up to the challenge too.

We finished this amazing week with the importance of being mentally wealthy, looking at what makes us happy and sad, who may affect our mental happiness and how we can deal with these different issues and be more resilient to what we confront in life. We will continues with this further in our PSHE lessons throughout the year and encouraging the children to be more mindful using meditation and class yoga.

But the biggest surprise came with SCARF Life Bus where we learned about our bodies in more detail, the function of our mayor organs and how the things that we eat, drink and breathe in can affect their function. How if we miss use our bodies for too long that it can lead to ill health, the biggest surprise was the impact of sugar and sugary foods have become in our lives. Koalas discovered that in one small bottle of coke there were 10 cubes of sugar and that the daily recommendation for children of their age was only 6 cubes of sugar. That even in products labelled low sugar, they were still consuming more than their daily allowance, learning how much this affected their teeth and general digestion and fitness.

Well Done Koalas it’s been a week of discovery and remember everything in the right proportions!

Health Week – Thursday & Friday

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Today, 20 minutes before lunch, Dolphin class participated in an activity involving sugar cubes and drinks. We had to guess how many sugar cubes were in a particular drink. The most surprising fact to me was that there are only 4 sugar cubes in a Slush Puppy (I thought there were more)! Another fascinating fact was that there are 14 and a half sugar cubes in a Nesquik chocolate milkshake! We also learned that on average for a child you’re supposed to have 6-7 sugar cubes per day (I did feel a bit guilty because I eat a lot of sugar)!


Today after EMA, an assembly took place which was presented by my friend Isla’s mum (Helen Sessions). Helen is a psychologist for the NHS – someone who works with mentally ill people. She came in to talk about feelings and emotions. There was a scenario of us pretending not to be invited to our best friend’s birthday party. We were taught how to deal with it and that we should reflect and focus on the positive.
After break, we continued on the sugar lesson from yesterday, for 15 minutes. The lady (Lucy) read out true or false statements and we had to guess which was true and which was false!
I loved health week and I think it was truly fascinating!

By: Lucy