Polar Day

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Polar Day was a great success! All the children were totally engrossed in a variety of activities covering art, design technology, science.

In Woodpecker’s we started the beautiful Aurora Borealis weaving, which is on the playground. The children thoughtfully chose their coloured strips cut from plastic bags and carefully wove them through the trellis. Later on, they also individually created their own Aurora Borealis picture using black picture and chalk. They are all very effective and look just like Borealis sweeping across the night sky.

We also had great fun building an igloo using empty milk carton containers. We built the first four levels and then Ladybirds and Owls completed the other layers.

In the afternoon I sent the children out to find coloured “wiggly worms”, made from wool. We found that it was easiest to find the white and black worms but very difficult to find the camouflaged pink and brown ones.


Welcome Back

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W/B 16.4.18

We kicked off  our new topic this week ‘We Are Zoologists’ by learning about classification and practiced this skill with Liquorice Allsorts which we will continue next week learning how we classify animals.

On Thursday the year 4s had their very first swimming lesson. The children had a great time and are looking forward to going back next week. While the year  4s were swimming year 5 wrote their very own stanzas describing their senses based on the poem ‘The Magic of the Brain’ by Jenny Joseph.

Pandas are very excited to start our drama workshop on Wednesday where they will be improvising drama pieces about animals with Mr Janes from the drama team at Henry Beaufort School.

We enjoyed our first week with Miss Barrett and we look forward to the rest of the summer term!

Polar Day & Take Home Task

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What a fun day we had yesterday!

We began the day with some artwork, recreating the aurora borealis in chalk.  The results are absolutely amazing and you can see some of them here, as well as on display around the classroom and in the hall.  I was very proud of my own creations but I think some of the children’s are actually better!

After play we became scientists investigating the best colour to be if you were a worm!  We went hunting around the playground to find different coloured ‘worms’ and compare the amounts that we found.

Then in the afternoon we practised our weaving skills outside to recreate the aurora borealis, which had been started by children in Woodpecker and Ladybird classes.  Our pièce de résistance was fitting the roof on our milk bottle igloo that the others had started and then making our own class igloo.

Polar Day

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We hope you all enjoyed a lovely Easter break.

We have had a great start to the summer term.  The children took part in a variety of activities for our Polar Day. In the morning, Ladybirds enjoyed being scientists outside finding food in our habitat.  Then the classes together created two igloos out of milk bottles; they are amazing! Another activity outside involved weaving with strips of coloured carrier bags to make a creation of the Aurora Borealis.

During the afternoon, we became artists and created chalk pictures of the Aurora Borealis. With careful use of the chalks the children have created some beautiful pictures.

Sport Relief Week

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Sports Relief Week

Second to last week of the Easter term, Yeah!  I feel everyone is feeling tired and looking forward to the Easter break and the start of the summer term. We started our RE week, looking at and getting to understand the Resurrection of Jesus and how important this time of year is in the Catholic and Christian churches. Looking at the story of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and his resurrection and what it meant to his disciples and to people today.

In English we are looking at the poem the ‘Sound Collector’ and looking at the use of vocabulary with a piece of poetry and how we can use powerful words to create sounds and images in the readers head, through the use of alliteration and onomatopoeia. The children in Koala have really enjoyed this and created some amazing sentences using onomatopoeia for sounds within our class, some being very imaginative.

We also had more 2 more Koalas move up in their Times tables Challenge, so it’s a big congratulations to Chloe for completing the dizzy heights of Level 14, where she received her head’s certificate in assembly on Friday and Alise for completing Level 9 . Keep going guys and keep practising those times tables, I know it can get frustrating when you don’t pass a level due to getting one wrong in the test. But remember it will mean that you know your times tables absolutely perfectly and it makes the success when you do pass, even sweeter.

Finally we had Sports Relief on Friday, I was asked to do the sporting activities for Alfred House alongside Mrs. Butler. So I based the sports on the ideas of fun and trying to give the children an idea of where the money Sports relief goes to and the people it helps. So the games we did were an alternative massive line games (ask the children), jugging, hola hopping, jumping/bounding fun and finally Blind football and dodge ball. The children had fun and I hope enjoyed experiencing a few new and different sports.

Well Done Koalas and just one more week to go!

Inter House Challenge and more

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One of our highlights this week was continuing our gym routines. This week we learnt some more level 2 partner balances. We are working on perfecting our transitions between balances and fine tuning our balances by keeping really still and remembering pointy toes.

On Friday, we had an inter-house mufti day to help raise money for Sports Relief. One of our favourite activities was in Woodpecker class. We took part in a water challenge and had to take part in a competition to see how much water we could pass along the line.

Finally, this week was survival week for the new shark swimmers. We had to wear a top and shorts in the pool and our partners threw us a volley ball. In the shortest amount of time possible, we had to swim to the side of the pool whilst holding the ball. It was difficult to begin with but it became easier!