School council mission statement

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Our role as school council, is to take pupils’ opinions and give them a voice to change the future for the better.

Week 2

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On Tuesday, we wrote letters in role as Michael from the book, Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We enjoyed including details of what Michael had seen on The Peggy Sue so far. To conclude this week, Mrs Bailey lead an assembly for Remembrance Day. All of KS2 painted a red or black cup that was used to create a giant poppy which is now displayed by the front entrance. Finally, we adored improving our Greek Myth dance.

Curriculum Letter London’s Burning

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Please click the link below to see the Curriculum letter for London’s Burning.

London’s Burning Early Years Curriculum Letter

Handa’s Surprise

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Handa’s Surprise    3.11.17

The children have returned from their holiday with an excellent attitude to their learning. We have read the story of Handa’s Surprise and learnt how to summarise the main events. We got to taste some of the fruits from the story and talked about which ones we liked best and what other things we eat to stay healthy.  In mathematics, we have been practising counting accurately and matching the correct numeral to quantities. We have also been ordering pumpkins by size and thinking about how we could measure them.

This week has seen the start of Charlie’s Challenge. Charlie Bear sets the children tasks in the classroom to complete independently. The children have all been motivated to complete this week’s challenges which included making their own shakers and painting self- portraits.

We have also started to learn our sounds and impressed our teachers with how well we have recalled each one that we have learned so far.


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Safety talks from Hampshire fire service to year 5/6.

Year 5\6 had a safety talk from two firemen from the Hampshire fire service. They told us to change our smoke alarm batteries once a year and to test our alarm’s once a week.

Bike safety

We were taught how to check our bikes . We were taught the A B C D .A means air in our tyres in our bikes. B means to check our brakes. C means to check our chain on our bikes. D means dangly bits so tuck our loose bits [trousers and laces on our shoes.]Put lights on your bike (white on the front red on the back). When you are in the dark always a high- vis jacket

Car safety

When you are in a car ALWAYS wear your seatbelt in your car otherwise you will be seriously be injured.

By Stephen

Act of Remembrance

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Today we observed a minute silence during our act of remembrance and some children shared how the troops communicated with home. Then the new permanent installation was unveiled by Mrs Sankey.

A copy of the power point shared this morning can be viewed by clicking the link below.


Act of Remembrance

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As part of our act of remembrance today a new permanent installation made by the children was unveiled by Mrs Sankey and will be on permanent display on the wall outside  the hall.the hall.