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Yr 2 End of Key Stage Assessment Information

Posted by Heather Smith in Year 1/2

Please find a link below to the information about the Year 2 end of Key Stage assessments.

Year 2 End of Key Stage Assessment Parents 

Y6 School Journey by Isaac and Fred

Posted by Heather Smith in Year 5/6

Y6 School journey – PGL Osmington Bay

Day 1 – The story begins

36 eager pupils arrived in Osmington – Dorset, ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

Firstly, we were shown to our rooms with our (soon to be known) room-mates. Time flew, before our first meal awaited us, after a tour of the site and some team games. Then we were faced with our first evening activity, passport to the world, were we had to find flags and answer questions relating to the country.

Day 2 – The tired Chapter 2

36 tired children awoke in Osmington Bay, ready for their first full day of activities.

Our first ever activity was Aero ball, which was an exhilarating trampolining/ basketball game. In Sam’s (our leader for the activity) 2nd bonus round we, (Fred and Isaac) got 520 points and altogether got 547.

Arguably the most exhilarating activity, Giant Swing, occurred later in the day. We were the first people in the school to go on the swing and we got a big wedgie from the harnesses.

Day 3 – A wet chapter 3

36 excited children awoke in Osmington Bay, ready for the dismal weather that awaited them.

The first activity of the day was the Zip wire, some of the children were very nervous for this activity; however we all enjoyed this activity, some of us jumped of no-handed.

Day 4 – A gloomy chapter 4

36 enthralled children awoke in Osmington bay , ready for their last full day of activities.

The terrifying trapeze was the scariest activity of the trip. A large pole stood tall and wobbly. Only some of us jumped off the pole but all of us tried our very best.

Day 5 – A sad chapter 5

36 sad and unhappy children awoke in Osmington Bay, ready to return back home.

Our last activity was Problem solving. The problem solving was made to observe and solve mind – blowing problems. Some of the activities made us move around objects and others made us concentrate.

After that the story ended, happily ever after.

By Isaac and Fred

Osmington Bay by Charlotte and Emma

Posted by Heather Smith in Year 5/6

PGL Blog   By Charlotte and Emma

On Monday 6th March 2017, the year sixes went to PGL- Osmington Bay. On day 1, we came to school at 12:45 in the afternoon and said good bye to our families. At 13:00, the coach left school, with everyone waving good bye to our parents. As soon as we arrived at PGL, our instructor introduced himself and he took us to our rooms. We placed our baggage inside our chalets and headed off to the dinner hall. Every evening, we would play team games such as ‘Passport to the World’, ‘Cluedo’, and ‘Ambush’.

Day 2,

The teachers woke us up at 7:00 in the morning; everybody was exhausted after a two hour journey. After breakfast we got split into groups either 1,2,3 and 4 . After that we headed off to the first activities of the day. A few activities later, we all got together and had lunch- it was delicious. Some groups had the zip wire, quad biking, the giant swing etc…

Dinner was at around 18:00pm and we all enjoyed the food. The evening activities were amazing. We played Ambush! We had to hide while placing arrows for the other team. At 22:00pm we went to bed with another long day ahead of us.

Day 3,

After waking up and having breakfast, the four groups went to their activities. A couple of hours later, we had lunch and went to our rooms to have a rest before leaving to go to more activities. Where ever we went, we would sing a ‘repeat after me song’.  In the afternoon we had to do more activities like trapeze and street surf. Then everybody went for dinner delicious! In the evening we did Cluedo – such mystery.

Every night we had room inspections the teachers were checking for tidiness and organization. Everyone was hoping to get the best points for their group.

Day 4,

Day 4 was the last full day of our trip. Everyone was now used to getting up really early and heading to their activities. People were upset about it being their last day. In the evening instead of doing games we all went to the disco, it was so fun! Everybody was hyped up that we all couldn’t go to bed.

Day 5,

We had to get up 30 minutes before our normal time we were all tired but upset because it was the day where we would have to leave Osmington Bay. In the morning everybody had to do our last activities at PGL. Our bus journey was really good everybody was having fun and after a while we were back at school and we were able to see our families again!


Osmington Bay by Bradley

Posted by Heather Smith in Year 5/6

Osmington Bay.   Bradley

Day 1 when we got there we found out our partners and we toured the site. We played ‘round the world’ game different counties in the world. The food in the dining hall was really tasty. Mrs Bailey was our team leader, yippee!

Day 2. I had had a good sleep, the bed was comfy. Some of the activities we did was street surfing, Areoball ( my team came second), first aid ( a good skill to learn)

Day 3  Had to get up earlier, that made me tired all day. Early breakfast because the was so much to do , early activity was quad biking, then onto zip wire, we all laughed when Mrs Bailey did that , although it was amazing she did it no handed. Sausages again for lunch, they were yummm. Giant swing in the afternoon looked scary, I went first and the highest , it was very high but fun.

Day 4 . I had a bad night’s sleep because my friends kept talking and being noisy. Abseiling today, when you looked down from the top I felt weird and sick, but I made it down 3 times. We also had a go at archery, I hit the bullseye twice so did some of my friends. Disco this evening: very loud and noisy but really good fun.

Day 5. Had to get up early to pack, Mrs Taft had to help to get everything back into our suitcases. Breakfast, cereal and toast as usual, then off to climbing wall. The wall looked impossible to climb, bits of it were really difficult, and I was able to jump up to the next step if I got stuck. Team games, lunch then onto the bus to go home.


The week was fantastic, I was very, very tired by the end,  I did miss my Mum but I would definitely go again.


Osmington Bay by Megan, Kira and Taylor

Posted by Heather Smith in Year 5/6

Osmington Bay 2017

Day one

Once we got off the coach, we arrived at a sunny Osmington Bay. We met our instructor called Harry he was a nice gentle guy.  When we got to our chalets we found out who we were living with for the week.

Day two

On the second day we did quad biking and other activities. It was really fun! When we were doing Quad-Biking everyone could see the giant swing, everyone said how fun it looks!  For dinner the option was Chilli. For our evening activity we did ‘Passport around the World’ and then we had the rest of the evening in our room.

Day three

On the third day we did giant swing , zip wire and another activity which I can’t remember. Our evening activity was ambush. For ambush groups 1 and 2 were together and groups 3 and 4 were together. We had to hide around the site and put an arrow to the correct direction and the wrong direction. The other group had to choose a way and go that way. If the other team went the wrong way we could shout “AMBUSH!”

Day Four

Today we had to be up at 6:45! We had to do something called the 3 b’s. Beds, bins, bags.  We went for breakfast at 7.15 and our 2 activities. Were rock climbing everyone was scared but everyone did it. There was a place in PGL called little Wembley. Where we did sports and Team games!


Megan, Kira and Taylor

Osmington Bay by Ella Boo and Ben

Posted by Heather Smith in Year 5/6

Osmington Bay 2017

By Ella-Boo and Ben

A couple of weeks ago we went to Osmington Bay, Weymouth.

Day one: When we first got there we met our group leader, his name was Harry.  Then we had to get our bags and take them to our room (which was a struggle). After we found out whom we were sharing with. In my case I shared with Kendra, Maya and Charlotte. Ben shared Sam, Michael and Oliver. We got settled in and headed to our first meal of the week. The food was amazing! Before went to bed we had an evening activity, which was Passport to the world. Lights out at 9:00.

Day Two: We were woken up by Mrs Bailey, Mrs Taft or Mrs Sheehan. They woke us up at 7:00. The day had begun. We went down to breakfast. Each day we had a choice of a hot breakfast or cereal.  Our first activity was aeroball, I was with Ben and our team name was `BenBoo` unfortunately we didn’t win but we didn’t lose. Our second activity was Giant swing. We went on in partners and I went with Charlotte and Ben went with Michael. Then we went to lunch. After that we had two other activities. Then we went back to our rooms for about 20 minutes. Before you know it is was dinner. Our evening activity was ambush. We had to hide in teams and the other team had to find us. That was our first whole day gone in a flash.

Day Three: When we woke up it was the same routine. After breakfast we split into our groups at the meeting point. We had zip wire and then quad biking. Our favourite activity was quad biking. Then we found out Mrs Butler, Mrs Sankey, Mr Burner and Nick had arrived. After that we headed to lunch. In the afternoon we had trapeze and street surfing. Ben and I loved street surfing, but we did have a few rough tumbles! Now it was time for dinner. After dinner we had cluedo, which was really fun! Then it was bed. Mrs Taft, Mrs Bailey, Mrs Sheehan and Mrs Butler came to our rooms for room inspection. We got a BBB– Bailey Bathroom Bonus

Day four: Yet again we had the same morning routine. We had orienteering and sensory trail. Then we went for lunch. After we went for lunch we had team games and abseiling. Ben and I loved abseiling as well as quad biking. Then it was dinner. All of us were really energetic as we had a disco to go to after dinner. The whole of Year Six LOVED the disco!!

Day Five: Unfortunately it was our last day and packing day! Boring! Again it was the same routine apart from we had to remember our three B`s which we: Bed, Bin and Bag. We had to strip the beds and take them to a shed to be washed. After that we went to breakfast. We only had two activities as we had to leave after lunch. Our activities were indoor rock climbing problem solving. Some of the activities in problem solving were very difficult. Then before you know it was time to get our bags to the coach and make our way home. Everyone had an amazing time (I hope).