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Chess club

Chess Mega-final tournament

On Sunday 15th May 2016,JJ and I went to a chess tournament. We had a bad start and both lost our games. The next round I redeemed myself by winning but unfortunately JJ lost, but he played a lot better. Unfortunately JJ lost his 3rd game but he did a very good job, I also lost my next game. The next round I lost but JJ won because his opponent didn’t turn up! The next round both me and JJ won. The next round I was lucky because I only had my king left but still managed a stalemate (a draw) and JJ won. The last round was a really good round because we both won. In the end everyone who attended got a certificate and I got a rosette. Unfortunately JJ was half a point away from a rosette. Unfortunately you needed 4 points to go to the next round but I was half a point away from going to the next round which was the big final for the whole of the south of England. We both had an amazing time.

By PanosDownloads2

Football Club – Tournament at Bar End, Winchester

Two weeks ago the Harestock football teams went to Bar End to play in the Arsenal soccer school football tournament. Both teams were nervous and also excited.footy3 Team A won all their five matches and won the final on sudden death penalties. Team B had never played together before and improved in every match but lost in their 3rd and 4th play off on a penalty shootout.footy 2 Team A were delighted to win. It was a great experience for us, we feel more confident now and we look forward to the next tournament.footy

Football Club – Weeke v Harestock:

When we went to Weeke School we were all feeling nervous but very excited. When the match kicked off, Weeke scored after 5 minutes.  We were disappointed but we kept our heads up. Then Ben threw the ball to Matt, who brilliantly crossed the ball to Louis, who smashed it in. 1-1!football team January 2015

Half time

The second half began and Harestock  were playing very well. We were passing and keeping hold of the ball well. There were 7 passes before the ball got to Louis. He shot it into the top corner of the net – GOALLLLLL!!!!  A Great team goal.

Weeke kicked off and straight away Jack tackled them.  He passed to Harvey who then ran down the wing, who then passed to Ayush, who then gave it to Jack, who shot  – GOALLLL!!!!! 3-1

In the closing stages of the game, Weeke were on the attack. They shot on goal, however Pranesh saved it.

This happened 3 times in a row. What great saves! The whistle went –  FULL TIME.



Reported by Louis and Matt


Art Club – November 2014:



Clubs timetable (correct at time of publication)



Football club:

Football tournament report

Our day at the South Wonston tournament 2014 by Jack

On Friday 4th July Harestock went to South Wonston to play in the tournament. It was amazing; we scored loads of goals and we won eight matches. Altogether we scored 12 goals and we scored the most goals and had the most points (24points). We played Weeke B, Nightingale B, St Johns B and Micheldever. We got in the final, but unfortunately we lost one nil (in extra time in the last minute!) and that’s the only goal we conceded out of the entire tournament. Mr Burner was very proud of us all. We still had a good day. Thank you to Mr Burner and the parents for helping out and taking us.

Junior Choir:

The Junior Choir wowed shoppers in Winchester this week by singing their renditions of California Dreaming, Simple Thing, Count on Me and Naughty – from the musical Matilda. They stood by the Butter Cross in the High Street to help raise funds for ‘Help for Heroes’ charity.

Later the same day, the Junior Choir joined the Harestock Community Choir in a big concert at The Wesley Methodist Church, where they helped raise £337 for the local scout group.

Mrs Simmons and Mrs Sale were VERY proud of their achievements – thank you singers!

junior choir butter cross 1

Art Club:

Over the next four weeks the Art Club is exploring personal history and memory, through joining the BP Art Exchange, Museum of Lost Toys group

So far we have chosen a special toy or object that we treasure and made a drawing of it. We told the story of our toy to a friend and asked them to record what they heard through words or images.

These have been photographed and uploaded to the Museum of Lost Toys group and this website too.

We have also made a plasticine model of either someone else’s toy or a toy from the Lost Toy group gallery.

Next we will make a little film about our lost toys, which we will also share with others.

Please look at our great work and enjoy the wonderful skills we have!

Art Club



The Harestock Primary School Choir sang brilliantly at  Winchester Christmas Market on Wednesday 5th December 2013. We raised money for an Autism Charity.

junior choir

After school clubs available: (Please note – chess club will take place on either a Monday or Tuesday lunchtime and not both days)new clubs list summer 2014

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