School Clubs

Football Club

On Tuesday, we had our first league match against Kings Worthy and lost by 20 but we learnt a lot. We have learnt from our mistakes and we hope we win our next match. We learned to have more communication and to have harder tackles also to push higher up the field. The team have also learned to play together. And to not get fed up (sad).Some of us tried to avoid the fact that it was raining and some of us knew that they were better than us. We will continue to try our best and our teachers and class mates are very proud!

By Codie and Max, Panda Class

School Choir

Christmas Lights Switch On!

The children were all very excited to go into town to sing at the switching on of the Christmas lights!  We took over two buses much to the surprise of the locals but saved our voices for the performance so at least we didn’t deafen anybody!  As you can see the children filled the stage, and were even shown on the BIG screen!  It was the first time they had performed on a real stage with lighting and sound decks, which in itself was rather daunting, however the children sang confidently and clearly.  They did themselves, Mrs Butler and Mrs Clements and the school proud!  It was a fabulous experience and hopefully one that we will be able to repeat in the future.

Giant Sing Spring Term 2017

Mrs Butler took a very excited choir to The Anvil Theatre in Basingstoke for The Giant Sing last week.  They joined with choirs from several other local schools to watch and perform alongside the show Barnaby Bear Goes Around the World.  The children sang enthusiastically and confidently to all the songs and had a great time.  Mrs Butler was incredibly proud of their behaviour, they were impeccable!

There are a few photos on the school website which Mrs Butler managed to sneak in before photos were no longer allowed.

Spring term 2016

Choir Trip to Anvil Theatre

On Tuesday 1st March members of the school choir from Years 2-4 were invited to the mass vocal event at The Anvil Theatre in Basingstoke to take part in The Giant Sing.  This was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the musical The Selfish Giant, based on the short story by Oscar Wilde.

The children were all very excited as we set off on our VIP 5 Star coach!  We sang with hundreds of other school children from a variety of local schools.  The children were enthralled by watching the play unfold on the stage and enthusiastically joined in singing each song with the secondary school choir and live band who were performing alongside the dancers on the stage. School Choir

As you can see from the photos the children definitely enjoyed themselves and made Mrs Clements and Mrs Butler very proud!

Chess club

Chess Mega-final tournament

On Sunday 15th May 2016,JJ and I went to a chess tournament. We had a bad start and both lost our games. The next round I redeemed myself by winning but unfortunately JJ lost, but he played a lot better. Unfortunately JJ lost his 3rd game but he did a very good job, I also lost my next game. The next round I lost but JJ won because his opponent didn’t turn up! The next round both me and JJ won. The next round I was lucky because I only had my king left but still managed a stalemate (a draw) and JJ won. The last round was a really good round because we both won. In the end everyone who attended got a certificate and I got a rosette. Unfortunately JJ was half a point away from a rosette. Unfortunately you needed 4 points to go to the next round but I was half a point away from going to the next round which was the big final for the whole of the south of England. We both had an amazing time.

By PanosDownloads2


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