Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO)


The Junior Road Safety Officers would like to remind parents that now the weather is getting warmer, you need to watch your children play outside near roads. Don’t let your children play unsupervised, especially if they are in the infants.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Be Bright Be Seen
  • Always wear a helmet when you are cycling (see the cycle helmet fitting sheet)
  • Be careful when playing near roads- don’t chase balls near the road.

Also, if you want to take part in an activity that the ks1’s had for their JRSO lunchtime club, print out the spot the hazards sheet

Thank you and enjoy the sunshine!

From the JRSOs  (Seth, Nikita and Keelin.)

KS2 Road Safety Club

The JRSO’s held the second half of their KS2 Road Safety Club this week. They did a great job of helping children to plan, create and film their very own Road Safety Adverts. A big thank you to Leanne and Emily and those that attended!

As part of Road Safety Club the JRSO’s taught the Green Cross Code below is a video of them delivering it.

Whole School Assembly – 8th May 2017

On Monday  8th May, The JRSO’s  did a fantastic job of delivering an amazing whole school assembly. This included a video clip from Super Ted, who helps to identify some hazards when crossing roads. The girls also asked for volunteers to help sequence and read out The Green Cross Code.  Miss  Burnett and The JRSO’s were very impressed with the children’s involvement and knowledge of keeping  safe- Well done to all involved!

KS1 Club 2017

This week, the JRSO’s lead a club just for KS1! The children enjoyed listening to and talking about a book all about road safety. They even began to design posters to be displayed around the school and on our blog!

Thank you for these fantastic road safety posters and well done to all those that took part in the club or competition!

Road Safety Club 2017

This Friday (20.1.17.) the JRSO’s helped to plan, resource and deliver a Road Safety Club during lunch. They did such a fantastic job! I was so pleased at the number of children who showed interest and  would like to thank all that attended, as well as apologise to those who we unfortunately had to turn away! We are already looking forward to our next club, which is to be held next half term.

Miss Burnett

JRSO Assembly

Tallulah and Jared led an assembly about road safety to the whole school.  They demonstrated the importance of wearing a cycle helmet whenever you are out on your bike.  They also launched their bike helmet design competition.  Entries can be placed in the gold box in the main entrance.JRSO2



These are our JRSOs (Junior Road Safety Officers). They organised a ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ day for the whole school. Here are some of the highlights of our day:  JRSO

Throughout the morning the JRSO prepared a road safety hour for the whole school. They impressed the teachers of Hedgehogs, Owls and Foxes, by teaching their classes about road safety.  In the juniors we had three activities. One was in the ICT suite. We played some educational games on road safety. Another one of our activities was ‘spot the dangers’, where the children had to spot dangers in two pictures (night and day). The last and final activity was decorating a paper man with shiny and coloured material, that gave the effect that people in cars can see him.JRSO1

Reported by: Abigail and Dan

autumn 2014-15


JRSO’s have arrived at Harestock!

Last week two children from Year 5/6 attended a training day in Basingstoke learning about their new role as Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO’s).

They will be supported by members of the school council and will promote Road Safety to children throughout the school.

The first meeting took place today and we have agreed themes for the year:

Autumn – Be Safe, Be Seen.

Spring – Green Cross Code; Belt Up!

Summer – It’s Playtime; bike / scooter safety.

We are planning to run lunchtime road safety activities for different year groups across the academic year. First up is Year 5/6. After half term the children will be given opportunities to take part in designing posters, dressing a ‘model’ in safe clothing for dark nights, and completing word searches.

The JRSO’s and Vice school council representatives will be running these sessions.

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