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Here is a newsletter from Hampshire Road Safety for parents with some online ideas on how to remind their children about the important road safety messages. It also includes the current Take Care Think! campaign which is reminding people about driving extra carefully to reduce the possibility of injury and therefore relieving pressure on the NHS.

Parent Road Safety Primary update – Summer 2020

February 2020- Helmet safety competition

Wow! We’ve had a record amount of entries to our JRSO helmet design completion this half term, and great designs they were!

Spotty, our Road Safety Mascot, and the JRSO’s have had a really tough time deciding on the winning entries…there were so many great ideas: bright, colourful, funky- all thinking about making helmets ‘cool’ to wear and ‘bright to be seen’.

Well done and thankyou to all who took part.

Here are the winning designers: Ruby H and Faye from Koala class and Ryan P from Owl class.

The Jrso’s would like you to have a look through the entries and see what you think!

(Take special notice of Kirie’s design- she was the creator of Spotty our Mascot’s look! You’ll see why!)

Be safe out there!

Helmet Safety

Well done to the JRSO’s for a great assembly all about helmet safety!

Spotty our Road Safety mascot joined us to quiz the children about when to wear safety helmets. All the children come up with great ideas and showed they were very safety conscious, suggesting that they should ALWAYS wear helmets when: cycling, scooting, skateboarding and even roller-blading. They had a reminder of how their helmets should fit and can now be checking their own at home!

Remember: safe the stunts for the park; get off and walk across any roads; be a considerate A+ rider on the pavements, especially with scooters.

Click here to our mascot in action

Be bright be seen day

On Friday the 22nd November, Harestock Primary school children could be seen from SPACE- they were so bright!

The JRSO team would like to thank all the children, parents and carers for putting in such an amazing effort with the costumes.

We, as a school, take part in this Road Safety week and Be Bright Be Seen Day to ‘brighten’ awareness on the issue of being safe around the roads, especially on darker mornings and evenings.

We would like the children to ‘reflect’ on this day and we encourage them to wear these things whenever they are out and about near roads, e.g on the way to school, home, going to clubs etc. The brighter the better.

The winners from the Be Bright Be Seen Day that blew us away with their costumes were: Ryan from Dolphin class (dressed as Spotty dog, our school Road Safety Mascot- you will be seeing more of Spotty!) and Cleo from Puffin class.

Stay safe and watch out for more episodes of JRSO TV.

Dear parents/ carers,

At the end of last year, the JRSOs held a competition to pupils to design a road safety mascot for the school.

The winner, Kirie, designed a great mascot called Spotty, who is very ‘road safety conscious’.

We would really like Spotty to become part of the team, so we are asking for volunteers to make Spotty into a real mascot. It could be parents, grandparents, careers or friends of family.

We are hoping for a teddy/material style mascot that could visit the classes and join in with JRSO TV.

Here is a picture of Spotty for reference: (the spots are brightly coloured and the logo says ‘BE BRIGHT BE SEEN’, but this could be added after.)


Please let the school office know if you think you could offer your services for this project, and we will be in contact if we take up your offer.


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