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Dear parents/ carers,

At the end of last year, the JRSOs held a competition to pupils to design a road safety mascot for the school.

The winner, Kirie, designed a great mascot called Spotty, who is very ‘road safety conscious’.

We would really like Spotty to become part of the team, so we are asking for volunteers to make Spotty into a real mascot. It could be parents, grandparents, careers or friends of family.

We are hoping for a teddy/material style mascot that could visit the classes and join in with JRSO TV.

Here is a picture of Spotty for reference: (the spots are brightly coloured and the logo says ‘BE BRIGHT BE SEEN’, but this could be added after.)


Please let the school office know if you think you could offer your services for this project, and we will be in contact if we take up your offer.


   Monday 2nd April

Joey and Eloise would like you all to get involved in a two part Road Safety completion.

Part 1: design a road safety mascot for Harestock- he will be in assemblies and share his/her thoughts on JRSO TV.

-it can be designed on the computer/drawn

-don’t forget to give us information about the character and why he/she is special to Harestock and what he/she can help with

Part 2: create a Harestock Road Safety song!

make it catchy

-link it with any road safety issues you think people need to be aware of (cycling/driving/walking/playing by the road etc)

-write the lyrics – it can be sung by you or anyone else, create a tune for it. (you could even video it being sung and save it on a memory stick etc)compose the

The competition closes at the end of Summer term 1 (May 24th)

The winning song may be included on the school website.

The winning mascot we are hoping to get made ready for September!

Watch JRSO News

Competition time:

Design a poster to show ‘What road safety means to me’.

It can be created on plain paper or the computer. Try and make it interesting, eye catching and promote being safe around roads. You can draw pictures, make slogans and use bright colours. You could even make a road safety song to go with it!

Please hand your creations in to the office or Seth and Eloise by the end of the first week back after half term (1st March).

Winning entries will be displayed at school and on the website.

Good luck!

Road Safety Role model Shout out!

The Harestock Junior Road Safety officers (JRSO’s) want to make a shout out to all parent Road Safety Role models out there! We know that some of you are really ‘up to speed’ on your Highway Code and the updates/ developments that happen regularly. Well done to you for checking on the rules and regulations.

For those of you who think you could do with a little refresher and check on the things that have changed since you learned to drive… pop on to the Government website for more information. For example: https://www.gov.uk/browse/driving/highway-code-road-safety

Quiz: Do you know what an amber traffic light really means?????

Road Safety Week- Be Bright Be Seen Day

Well done to everyone who came dressed to ‘Be Seen’ on Monday 19th November to raise awareness for National Road Safety Week.

The children were wearing their brightest clothes: hi-viz jackets and plenty sparkly and flashy accessories! There were light-up trainers, fluorescent sports kits and even flashing skirts.

The day ended with a luminous fashion show.  The most blinding pupil from each class modelled their outfit and walked down the Harestock Catwalk!

Well done to all the finalists from each class.  Congratulations to Chloe from Otter Class who shone the brightest for KS2 and Blake from Owl Class who sparkled for KS1, both received Road Safety prizes.

Thank you also to the children who attended the Road Safety Workshop lead by the JRSO’s Seth and Eloise.

Minutes of JRSO meeting 12th November


  • Be bright be seen day
  • Assembly Monday (check time)
  • Club Monday lunch time


  • send reminder letter
  • Photocopy t-shirt template
  • On Monday each class chose a winner, then send into assembly for fashion show winner gets prize
  • Monday Junior take out the car seat poster at 8:35
  • Friday infants

Next meeting

19th Junior club

Minutes JRSO Monday 15th October 2018

Discussed- road safety week

  • Be bright be seen day (19th November )
  • Take height chart out to playgrounds in morning
  • Prizes for be bright be seen day fashion show


  •  print letter
  • Send reminder letter at start of November
  • Agree on days for car seat chart

Next meeting- 12th November

19th  November Junior club


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