Mission, Aims and Vision Statement


Our Vision

At Harestock School, our vision is to inspire every child to become a life-long lover of learning, who is ready and well-prepared to thrive within our ever-changing world.


Our aims

  • Provide an inclusive environment where everyone is accepted, as respect for all is the culture and ethos of our school.
  • Provide a stimulating, safe and caring environment in which everyone can thrive.
  • Be understanding and sensitive to the needs of all individuals and celebrate our achievements.
  • Create an inspiring, challenging and exciting curriculum through which everyone develops independence, intrinsic motivation and becomes life-long learners.
  • Support everyone to develop and maintain healthy habits for life-style and well-being so we are well prepared to make a positive contribution to the wider world.


Our values

  • We are compassionate to ourselves and others. 
  • We are curious in our approach to learning and life. 
  • We are creative in our thinking and self-expression.
  • We are resilient and easily able to recover after setbacks. 


Our weekly Pupil of the Week and Merit awards link to the learning values to help to motivate and inspire children to achieve their best across the range of learning values.